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Top Trending Decking Designs

top trending deck designs
The year 2020 was so stressful, yet with so much free time at hand. For people who did not have decks around their houses, they had to spend all their time indoors. This had many people realizing the need for spacious and advanced decking designs for 2021. The decking companies have been working on their products to come up with more comfortable decks. Such designs could act like outdoor kitchens, gathering places, and even outdoor living rooms. Below are some of the top trending decking designs from 2020 into 2021.

1. Double-Decker Decks

For houses with basements at the back, you can have two decks; one on the level of the main living and another below it but on the basement level. Such type of decking is very unique and you can use the double-deck in many ways like for instance:
  • Having an outdoor kitchen on the basement deck.
  • Having a playground on the basement deck.
  • Using the top space for adults and the bottom space for children and their friends.
The double-decker decks need perfect waterproof decking material to ensure that the bottom floor stays dry. You will also need a gutter system to avoid any damage by rainwater.

2. Large-Space Decking

There is always the need for larger and more spacious decks. Homeowners are looking for what can accommodate them comfortably without congestion. The large decks act as outdoor dining places, living rooms and kitchens. They can accommodate several chairs, tables, and other decorations. This design is going to be among the most popular decking designs for 2021.

3. Multi-Level Decks

Just like the double-decker decks, multi-level decks are multi-purpose based. If you have an interest in several outdoor activities, you need multi-level decks. One level can accommodate a swimming pool and another level can act as a playground. In this case, each floor of your house will have its own deck.

4. Green Decking

In 2021, homeowners are looking for green and eco-friendly decking designs. They want what can transform their outdoor space and backyards. Green decks consist of features like vegetables, fruits, and boutiques which are attached to the deck rails by the use of extensions. They are also becoming popular since they are very cost-effective.

5. Decks With Privacy Walls

Privacy walls are also becoming very common on decks. Homeowners are designing their decks in a manner that they can have some privacy from outsiders. The decking walls also exist in a variety of designs and colors and you can go for what you prefer.
Although many designs are trending, you must begin by considering the decking material. Once you have chosen the best decking material, you can now go on and look for the top decking designs for 2021. MoistureShield composite decking brand still remains the best brand in the market. Sherwood Lumber has unlimited designs for you. You only need to make your order today.