Vertical Siding VS Horizontal Siding


After ordering for the siding material and color of your choice, you are still one step away from having a perfect siding for your house. You need to ask yourself whether to go for the vertical siding option or a horizontal siding option. Both of them are perfect options depending on how you base your argument. In that case, we are going to discuss vertical siding vs horizontal siding, basing our comparison on installation, maintenance, durability, and appearance.


Looking at installation, you will realize that horizontal sidings are very easy to install as compared to vertical sidings. The installation only involves fixing the panels properly and does not require any advanced measures. This will save you both time and cost of installing your siding.

On the other hand, vertical sidings are somehow stressful to install and the process takes a bit longer. Installation of furring strips will be very necessary to ensure that there are no leakages. The strips play a big role in the long-lasting performance of these sidings. In the end, you will realize that these sidings are very cost-effective and of great impact on the value of your house.


Considering maintenance, vertical siding is a stress-free option in comparison to the horizontal siding. It would take a regular and thorough cleaning basis to keep your horizontal sidings clean. This is because the spacings between the panels will allow the surface for dust, dirt, and moisture to settle.

It is therefore your responsibility as a house owner to keep your sidings from such threats which can lead to easy damage. As for the case of vertical sidings, you will only need to do the cleaning once in a while.


Durability goes hand in hand with proper maintenance and care. Once you maintain your siding in the correct manner, it will last long. As for the case of vertical siding vs horizontal siding, it is very obvious that the vertical sidings will last longer. With the furring strips, these sidings last twice longer than the horizontal sidings. All you need is additional cleaning to keep them neat.


In terms of appearance, all these two options can look appealing in your house. This will depend on the background as well as the taste of the house owner. Moreover, there are several designs for both two types of sidings. It is upon you to choose the color and design that you want for your house.

Yet, vertical sidings are very unique and modern in terms of designs. So if you live in a relatively traditional neighborhood and want to maintain the status quo, then horizontal siding is the one for you. But, if you want something less conventional that will stand out then vertical is it.

All in all, the comparison of vertical siding vs horizontal siding comes down to what you want and what really, meets your needs. Once you have made the right choice of material, you can now go on and install your sidings.

Engineered wood siding should always be your first priority, most especially the KWP brand, as it has the best aesthetics and lasts longer. And the bonus feature; it is extremely easy to maintain.