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Five ways to make your house winter-proof

By January 18, 2022Helpful Hints

Five ways to make your house winter-proof

The more we move to the end of the year, the closer we are getting to winter, and no preparation is ever too much for this season. We have to agree, for the winter season, you either choose to do the repairs before or after it all ends. To be on the safe side, here are five ways to make your house winter-proof.

 Repair/change your siding

The first thing that you should be worried about is your siding. What is the state of your siding? How much confidence do you have in your siding that it can hold up to the rain? If you can not answer this question with certainty, then you should take a walk around your house, inspecting each and every corner for any hangings or spaces. In such cases, small is big, which is why, however, small a gap may seem, you should give it enough consideration.  If the siding is not in a good shape and you do not need a walk around the house to know that, then maybe its time to take it all down and install a new one. This time, go with a long-lasting material like engineered siding.

Install a composite door

Besides the roof and the siding, the front doors are also always in the tendency of getting damaged during winter. This is especially for homes with wooden doors. Naturally, wooden doors are more affected by the change in temperatures. Therefore, during the winter season, these doors tend to contract more. However, composite doors are quite stable and do not get affected by the change in temperatures.

Check and repair your boilers

The only way to survive the extremely cold winter season is to have the heating system on every minute. However, what if the season comes and you realize your boilers are broken down and you just have to survive the cold? Escape such hassles by ensuring your heating system is in perfect shape.

Make sure your roof is in perfect shape

You have your siding in good shape, your boilers are working perfectly, and of course, you have your newly installed composite door. What else is remaining? The roof. This is actually the most important part of winter-proofing because if your roof is not in shape, then everything else does not matter.

This will also require that you do a close inspection because just a slightly broken tile can cause a significant amount of leakage. If you cannot do the inspection yourself, get a professional to do it for you and make all the necessary repairs.

Clear your downpipes and gutters

Last but not least is the often-ignored gutters and downpipes, and yes, it is among the five ways to make your house winter-proof. Most homeowners do not give a second of the day to this because they underestimate the kind of damage they can cause. When you leave your gutters unchecked and fail to clear out fallen leaves and plants, heavy rains like that of winter will cause them to overflow. This will ultimately create seepage through any cracks on your masonry. It will also allow water into the eaves and soffits around your home.

If you have read this article all the way to this point, then you definitely have the five ways to make your house winter-proof, and with this, you will get into and out of winter season a happy homeowner.