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We asked our customers, and this is what they had to say about Sherwood Lumber.

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“From special order engineering materials to stock lumber products, Sherwood Lumber has always been a pleasure to call on. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff can be counted on to work with you on your project needs large or small.”

T.W., Connecticut

“Sherwood’s professional team has allowed our Company to dramatically increase our EWP business over the last 2 years. Their next day delivery route trucks allow me to get material quickly, thereby reducing our need to stock everything we sell. They go above & beyond to ensure that we get what we need, when we need it. I love the Sherwooders & everything Sherwoodian!”

M.B., Massachusetts

“Sherwood’s dependability and service out of the local reload are top notch. It allows me to manage Inventory correctly and take care of our customers in a timely manner. The route trucks are always reliable and that service means one less concern for me on a regular basis.”

R.M., Massachusetts

“Sherwood lumber has been very consistent on delivering to my yard on a daily basis if requested. This makes it very convenient to keep up with inventory needs and attaining special orders required for next day usage. I also utilize them when it comes to running full trucks direct to job sites. There has been no issue with late trucks or any backorders and the service from the sales reps (both inside and out) has been impeccable. I look forward to continuing to grow the business in 2017.”

G.C., New England

“Thank you all for doing a good job for our company. Kevin has stepped up to service our account. It is impressive to order a truckload of lumber and having it in our yard the next day. I know that there are others involved behind the scenes, and y’all should thank them on behalf of our company. But Kevin is our contact. He is the person that we count on for PO accuracy, mills that we like, and deliveries that ship as planned. That is not a statement that I make casually. I am very particular about what we accept for our customers. That is why Sherwood has gained more of our market share. Obviously, much of what Sherwood is doing would not be possible without support from the top. Andy has a solid reputation in our industry. It is easy to understand why for those of us that have dealt with him or his organization. Andy, the resources you have provided to your people create the value that organizations like our Company need. Those of us that deal with Sherwood should be more competitive as a result.”

J.C., New York

“They are a valuable partner of ours. They enable us to maximize our inventory returns. They fill a niche for us. Premium grade lumber. Provides us with quality products and service.”

J.D., New Jersey

“A good honest supplier. Quality is good. Pricing is fair. Do what they say. Trust them completely. Normally I shop everything, it’s a bid-ask model, true capitalism. There are published numbers. I trust them to always take care of me. I need that so I can do my job.”

D.F., Pennsylvania

“The biggest thing that they do for me is if I need a quick load. Respond very quickly to my needs due to the closeness of the wholesale in Mass. So when you have a wholeseller that can respond quickly to my needs, that has an added value.”

P.G., Connecticut

"They are able to provide utility lumber when others could not. Every week.”

D.S., Texas

"They are great when it comes to on-time delivery and product availability. Always having a good inventory. They stick to their word as far as shipment.”

C.D., Illinois

“They make my job easier. We’re always putting out fires. What do I need tomorrow? Lack of planning is the biggest industry issue. Most people can’t plan ahead. The skills it takes to be a really good builder is not what it takes to be a great businessman. They can’t plan. We can react quickly; we can get water on the fire. That’s because of Sherwood Lumber. They allow us to react to the issues. That helps us solve the typical problems, helps us bail out our customers. They know they can turn to us. We know we can turn to Sherwood Lumber.”

C.B., Missouri

“Their inventory is very diverse and you can mix highly specified orders together – more than one product mixed on a trailer which is nice.”

M.A., Texas

“They know the products, know the mills. They have good reps and sales.”

D.C., Florida

“When I need something quick I know they can fill it. We’re a co-op, so we advise our clients on what the best options are. It becomes a safety net for some. I know I can always get it at Sherwood Lumber.”

D.B., Rhode Island

“My rep has made it her point to know what I am interested in and not interested. She knows what is relevant to me, and that is doing your homework.”

K.C., Oregon