Mission & Values

Our mission:

We’ll be there with impeccable customer, vendor and associate experience.

Our Core Values


Our corporate reputation is the summation of all the views and beliefs held about our company based on our history and our future prospects.


We are comitted to clear and excellent ENGAGEMENT.  This is our communication connection between our consumers and our staff and sales team.


We are commited to a positive company Spirit. It is a positive force that inspires and energizes people to work together at their full potential, maximizing the business profits as well as customer and employee satisfaction.


We take Pride in the level of service we provide to our customers; In our carefully selected team of employees; In our extensive history leading and innovating the lumber industry.


We are nothing without serious Execution. We walk our talk and have created standards and proceedures to make sure Sherwood Lumber can execute every job to the best of our ability.


Collaboration makes us even stronger. We utilize connections we have built in the industry for over 60 years allowing us to provide even more for our customers and distributors.


Researching the newest Technologies in our industry is one of the cornerstones of our company. We are always monitoring what’s coming next and what can serve our customers better.

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