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Sherwood Lumber applauds the public awareness which results from environmental movements and we support all major Third-party Forest Management certifications by maintaining chain-of-custody with them. We take seriously our responsibility to educate ourselves and find the right products with the lowest impact on our environment.

Just a decade ago, companies generally regarded green buildings as interesting experiments but unfeasible projects in the real business world. Since then, several factors have caused a major shift in thinking. Green is not simply getting more respect; it is rapidly becoming a necessity as designers and builders, push green building fully into the mainstream. Financial institutions and investors are beginning to use new valuation methodologies to quantify important green building factors like productivity, lower overhead and long-term life cycle costs when determining real estate values.

Wood holds prime position in the eco-builders hall of fame, it is organic, non-toxic and naturally renewable. Wood has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available structural building materials and a thriving industry means more land covered in trees. We are just beginning to see the forest through the trees and until science provides us with a better alternative we at SHER-WOOD-LUMBER will proudly maintain our middle and last names. If you have any recommendations on how we can be more green, please send us a message at here.

FSC Certification


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