fire resistant siding material

For any siding material to qualify among the best in the market, it has to possess certain qualities. Some of these qualities include dimensional stability, resistivity, and durability. Any siding that is dimensionally stable, resistant to damage, and is durable will always assure you quality performance. Speaking of resistivity, any perfect siding material must be resistant to both moisture, fire, and insect damage. Narrowing down to fire resistance, many houses are currently experiencing problems with fire damage. This results from the use of poor quality siding materials. Below are some of the very common fire-resistant siding materials that will help you eliminate issues of fire damage.

Composite Siding

Composite siding material is very strong and is capable of handling fire damages. This siding is very suitable for use in areas that experience constant bush fires. The material is not susceptible to fire damage and will always protect your property from fire damage. Everlast composite siding brand offers you siding materials with the highest rates of fire resistance.

Engineered Wood Siding

As surprising as it may be, engineered wood siding is also a good resistant to fire. This is because engineered wood is different from natural wood in terms of quality, durability, resistance, and maintenance. Its added chemicals make it stronger and more resilient, and fire is one of the many damages it is strong against.

Besides fire, the siding material is also resistant to moisture and you notice that houses with engineered wood siding do not have problems with moisture damage. KWP engineered wood siding is so far the best siding brand that any homeowner would wish to go for.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is a mixture of sand, wood fibers, and cement and it has a fire rating of class A. On top of its durability and convenience, this siding slows down the spreading of fire into your building. As a result, it prevents fire from damaging your property. The only problem with fiber cement is that any slight damage will cost you a lot to repair. It can also be such a hassle installing it.

Steel and Aluminum Siding

Metal is among the best fire-resistant siding materials to go for. It is very appropriate when you want to do away with issues related to fire damage. At no point will your metal siding cause or catalyze a fire outbreak in your building instead, it would protect your property from damage. One downside though, metal siding can be very uncomfortable both during the hot and cold seasons. This is because metal does not possess insulating properties.

Stone and Brick Siding

Stone and brick siding is also considered one of the best in terms of fire damage resistance. The absence of caulked joints enables this siding to keep away flames from getting to the interior of your house. As a result, your property will be safe from fire damage. However, this siding is very stressful and time-consuming to install compared to the other siding options.

Any homeowner who wishes to protect his or her property from damage would go for the right siding option. Otherwise, you would have to spend a lot on repairing your damaged siding as well as your property. Therefore, it would be very appropriate that you know some of these fire-resistant siding materials.