Mortarless Stone Veneer You Install Yourself

It’s That Easy

Mortarless Stone Veneer You Install Yourself

If you can put a screw into the wall, you can install ClipStone. Since no mortar is needed, you’ll notice there is little mess to clean up once your project is completed.



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ClipStone Classic

If you can put a screw into a wall, you can install ClipStone. It’s that easy.

Finally, there is a no mortar no mess, easy-to-install stone veneer. It’s simple and it’s beautiful. ClipStone gives your home that elegance and charm you’ve always wanted, but didn’t want the hassle and mess.

Choose from the Ledgestone or ProStack style in a color that is sure to add warmth and beauty to your home, or even mix and match styles to create your own custom look.


Ledgestone Styles

Osceola Ledgestone

Willow Peak Ledgestone

Tan Ledgestone

Pointset Ledgestone

Sand Ledgestone

Teton Grey Ledgestone

Ash Ledgestone

Walnut Ledgestone

Black Creek Ledgestone

Black Rundle Ledgestone

ProStack Styles

Osceola ProStack

Tan ProStack

Poinset ProStack

Sand ProStack

Teton Grey ProStack

Ash ProStack

Walnut ProStack

Black Creek ProStack

Black Rundle ProStack

Column Wrap


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ClipStone ColumnWrap

The Perfect Do-It-Yourself solution for beautiful columns and caps

Transform any ordinary post or column structure into a beautiful and elegant stone column. Simple and easy to install around an existing post. No mortar needed.


ProStack Styles

Ash ProStack

Poinset ProStack

Teton Grey ProStack

Walnut ProStack

Northern Ledge Styles

Harvest Northern Ledge

Mystic Northern Ledge

Niagara Northern Ledge

Shenandoah Northern Ledge

Tuscarora Northern Ledge

ColumnWrap Cap Stones








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Step-By-Step Video

This detailed 10 minute step-by-step video shows you exactly what you need to do from prepping your wall space, to the tools you’ll need, to measuring your project space, to installing ClipStone properly.


ClipStone Installation

1. Measure Your Project

Measure the space you’ll be installing ClipStone to determine how much you will need to purchase.

2. Attach Starter Strip

Attach starter strip 1″ below the bottom of where your stone will start making sure starter strip is level.

3. Install ClipStone

With your power driver, use 1.25” screws in each visible eyehole.

4. Enjoy ClipStone

Step back and enjoy the view for years and years to come.

Tips & Tricks

Installing Inside Corners

Have you encountered an inside corner as part of your ClipStone project? Never fear! Proper installation of the inside corner stones is very simple – just follow one easy trick!

Keeping Outside Corners Straight and in Line

Worried about keeping your ClipStone corner pieces straight and in line? Here’s how to inspect those corner pieces, and adjust them if necessary. It’s that easy!

Install Water table Sills Under A Window

Water table sills are a wonderful accent piece to cap off a wainscot. Featuring a nice raised profile, they’re as easy to install as regular ClipStone pieces. Here’s how to get started!

How to Properly Cut ClipStone and Adhere to Top Row

With just about every ClipStone project, you’ll have to cut stone at some point. No worries! Watch this short video and learn how to cut stone properly for the top row and install it for a secure fit. It’s so easy!

Straightening Stones and Fixing Small Gaps

Making sure your ClipStone is straight and level is very simple. Follow these easy tips to a beautiful installation!

Installing An Outlet Stone Accessory

When your ClipStone project has an outlet or electrical box within it, use our decorative Outlet Stone accessory piece for a professional finish and beautiful look to your wall.

Installing ClipStone In A Gable

If your ClipStone project has a gable, here’s a trick to show you how to properly measure and cut the exact angle you need on your stone so it’s flush and secure.

Installing Cut Pieces

More than likely, you’ll have to cut a stone or two when installing ClipStone on your project. Installing and hiding the cut side on that piece is easy to do by following these simple tips!

Installing Outside Corners

When your ClipStone project has an outside corner, you want to make sure the corner pieces are installed correctly so your wall has the most professional look to it. Just follow these tips and you’ll see how easy it is!

The Correct Screw To Use In Installation

Using the correct type of screw is essential when installing ClipStone onto your project. We recommend you use a #8 thread galvanized screw that is 1″ to 1-1/4″ long with a flat head.

Installing Universal Trim Stone

Installing the ClipStone Universal Trim Stone piece is just as easy. Here are a couple of tips to help you finish off the sides of your project with a beautiful touch.