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Top Trends in Residential Siding

By July 17, 2021Helpful Hints, KWP, Siding

Top Trends in Residential Siding

Different companies are coming up with more advanced ideas in residential siding to give the homeowners a new feeling. With the stiff market competition, companies are advancing their residential siding materials.

They are designing their products to be more durable, sustainable, and user-friendly. And, with the advancing technology, it is very easy to come up with new aesthetic ideas and longer-lasting products. This brings us to some of the top trends in residential siding.

Light and Dark Tones

To begin with, the combination of both dark and light tones in the exterior of homes is becoming very popular. This kind of juxtaposition gives the colors a chance to pop and give depth to the home exterior.

On the other hand, there are homeowners who prefer mixing colors to bring about a colorful exterior. Either way, Everlast composite siding and KWP engineered wood still got you covered in terms of color variety.

Traditional Look

Nowadays, you will realize most composite siding materials having a traditional and aesthetic look. This simply shows that homeowners are looking for something classy and appealing to the eyes.

Sherwood Lumber brings you a composite siding with a pinch of traditional vibe yet still having modern and high-quality appeal and performance.

For instance, Everlast composite siding replicates the beautiful grain of cedar yet it is not susceptible to harsh weather. The KWP engineered wood siding also has a natural wood appearance, only that it is not as susceptible to moisture.

Trimming and Other Accessories

With the emergence of siding accessories, homeowners now have the chance of personalizing their home exterior. Moreover, you can upgrade the appearance of your siding by matching its color with that of your trim.

In most cases, homeowners would go for PVC trim since it complements any other siding color. For you to have a quality performing PVC trimming material, go for EX-CEL PVC trims. EX-CEL trimming products guarantee you a clean look that will perfectly match your siding accessories.


Right now, the building industry is adopting the use of sustainable building products in order to contribute to the green economy. Siding companies are trying as much as possible to use renewable products in order to reduce/prevent environmental degradation.

To achieve this, Sherwood offers you the most sustainable and user-friendly siding material. Composite is a combination of plastic and wood particles and you can easily recycle after its use, and so is engineered wood.  Everlast composite siding and KWP engineered wood siding are among the most sustainable siding materials that every homeowner is rushing for.

Energy Efficiency Options

Also, when you are siding your residential building, you need to ask yourself whether the material will save you the energy bills or not. The emergence of energy-effective siding materials is one of the top trends in residential siding. 

Homeowners are looking for materials that will maintain the comfortable temperatures of their rooms despite changes in weather conditions. Composite sidings and a few others have the ability to insulate buildings during both the springs, winters, and summers. With composite siding, you won’t have to consume a lot of energy with air conditioning or heating units.