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Top Rustic Siding Options

Top rustic siding options

For years,  rustic siding designs have been a widely preferred siding option, but in recent years, the numbers have significantly shot up. Of course this is because every homeowner takes pride in a well-done exterior since that’s what gives the first impression. There are several designs from which you can choose, but there is the A list, which is the top rustic siding option, that gives you the best choices. After making your choice from this list and considering the best brands such as KWP engineered wood siding, then you are goods to go. Speaking of the rustic siding options, below are some examples:

  • KWP engineered wood siding
  • Fiber cement
  • Cedar-look shingles
  • Board-and-batten siding
  • Rustic modern siding

KWP engineered wood siding

This is the only type of siding that gives you unlimited options to choose from. It’s engineered nature makes it the best for any type of house and also for any design. The high quality and long-lasting nature of the engineered wood siding makes it a preferable option for your building.

Fiber cement

Fiber cement is an option that gives your house a cozy look without the need for wood shingles. During manufacture, the technicians mix such fiber cement into a mold so that you can choose any style for your building during the installation. However, this type of siding is not very eco-friendly and emits a lot of debris during the manufacture.

Cedar-look shingles

Just like the normal cedar shingles, this option would give your house a perfect look. The difference now comes in whereby the cedar-like shingles are manufactured from fiber cement which makes them more durable and easy to maintain. It is now upon you to decide whether you prefer the smooth-edged shingles or the ones with jugged edges. However, this type of rustic siding will not give you as many options as you may desire.

Board-and-batten siding

The board-and-batten type of siding option will give your house a traditional and rustic look. This siding style involves the use of textured battens and wide planks. Such options will visualize your house within the neighborhood and give it the best appearance. However, these sidings do not last that long.

Rustic modern siding

Some homeowners may also have difficulty in choosing between the modern look and the rustic look. This should no longer be a problem since the rustic modern siding combines both the two features to make your house look rustic yet modern at the same time. The problem only comes in when you need a suitable siding for your house since the options are very limited.

All these options fall under the top rustic siding options. However, considering the design of the house, the cost of installation, the taste of the house owner and other factors, you need to choose the perfect siding example for your house. Look at your house and choose a siding example that will make it look unique and attractive. Below is a list of some of the rustic siding examples that you may consider:

  1. Shake and shingles sidings
  2. Log siding
  3. Channel lap siding
  4. Decorative siding
  5. Vertical siding
  6. Tongue and groove siding
  7. Aged steel siding
  8. Reclaimed wood siding
  9. Dutch lap siding
  10. Repaintng steel siding

So long as you have looked into the top rustic siding options and you have chosen the right one for your building, you will have nothing to worry about. You only have to ensure that you pick the best siding brand for quality. Among these brands is KWP which is commonly preferred by many homeowners. All in all, rustic siding is also a trending type of siding whose demand is gradually rising.