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Steps to Paint Your Aluminum Columns

Steps to Paint Your Aluminum Columns

Not every homeowner wants to paint their home, but if you want a fresh look, here are the steps to paint your aluminum columns.

Cleaning the surface

The first thing to do is cleaning the surface of the aluminum columns. You can either use a rag with warm water or a simple detergent. The point here is to get off any dirt, grease, or grime that may be embedded in the surface of the columns.

Masking off the surface

If you mask the aluminum columns, most paints will not stick to the surface. You can either tape the cleaned surface or use painter’s tape to cover the surface. Make sure that when you cover up, you do it in a straight line to minimize any overlap.

Sanding the surface

You need to take a paper towel and run it along the entire surface and make sure that you are taking off any paint or residue that may still be on the surface. This will improve the look of your aluminum columns and allow the paint to stick better.

Priming the surface

After you have sanded the surface, you will want to prime it with a self-etching primer. You will want to do this because it helps with sticking the paint to it better, and it will be much easier for you when painting. Follow the directions on the can of primer as well.

Painting preparation

When you are painting your columns, ensure that you have enough paint so as not to run out during your painting session. You also need enough tarps in case of any spills that occur. The last thing you’d want is for your paint job to look sloppy due to running out of paint or spilling something on it.

Painting the columns

Make sure you have a nice steady hand when painting the aluminum columns. Have someone hold the tarps in place, and ensure you don’t use any products on your hands to help dry them. You’ll want to take your time and don’t rush through with the painting because it will show in the outcome.

Cleaning up

Though it may seem unnecessary, cleaning up after painting is very important. Most people who do not paint their outdoor aluminum columns do not think about this step and end up with dried-on paint in places they least expect. Rags and brushes will go a long way in helping you finish up and keep your home from being messy.

Allow the paint to dry

Always allow your paint to dry for at least two weeks or longer. Not only will this help protect your aluminum columns from any future damage, but it will also make it easier to sand off any residue left behind if you choose not to go through this step.

These steps to paint your aluminum columns will help make your task easier. Take your time, and don’t rush through any of the steps. Moreover, consider installing DSI columns and achieve a flowless painting project.