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Tips To Maintain Your Aluminum Columns

How To Maintain Your Aluminum Columns

An aluminum column is one of the most reliable and versatile types of building construction. They have a variety of uses in both residential and commercial buildings, but they can also weaken if neglected over time. Follow these tips to maintain your aluminum columns.

Keep up with routine lubrication

It’s a good idea to lubricate the bearings in your column structure every month or so. To do this, remove the column cap that covers the bearing and unscrew the bolt that holds it in place. Use a grease gun to apply a light coat of grease to the side, re-install your cap and then tighten the bolts on both sides until snug.

Don’t go wild with grease

If you want your outdoor aluminum columns to last as long as possible, always take precautions when greasing them. You’ll make them harder for yourself if you need to clean them later on down the line.

Be gentle with dusting

If you have to dust your aluminum columns, be careful when doing so. You can break the brushes that come with a conventional dusting system simply by dragging them across the surface of a column. You can also create dust storms with too much rough handling, so make sure to work slowly and carefully so you don’t damage anything.

Be cautious with mold and corrosion

If you stay in an area with a lot of moisture and humidity, it’s also a good idea to provide extra protection for your aluminum columns. Use plastic bags with holes cut out, zip ties, or even duct tape to cover the bottom of your columns. Increasing their surface texture can also help prevent corrosion due to moisture buildup.

Keep up with lubrication on pivots

One of the tips to maintain your aluminum columns is lubricating the pivots. A pivot is a metal piece that allows your column to slide up or down into place in your building’s structure. If this area is neglected, it can cause the pivot rod to wear out fast and make the whole column shaky while in use. Wipe it down with a lubricant and re-install the cap if any lubricant drips out.

Replace your column locks

If your aluminum column locks are starting to show signs of damage, replace them before they fail. This will help prevent damage from happening to any other part of your column and will also make it easier for you to open and close the columns into place as needed.

Keep an eye on cables

If you are using aluminum columns for an outdoor application, check periodically for loose wires and ropes that may be wrapped around them. This may cause your column to wobble or move around in a way that makes it hard to keep it balanced. Keep all the cables away from your columns to avoid this problem, and they will serve you well for years to come.

Aluminum columns are an excellent choice for building structures and can last a lifetime with proper care. Follow these tips to maintain your aluminum columns and ensure the columns last as long as possible. Choose Sherwood’s DSI columns and enjoy long-lasting and maintenance-free performance.