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Advantages of Using Aluminum Columns

Advantages of Using Aluminum Columns

Whenever you’re doing construction, you have different types of columns to use. One of these is aluminum columns. Aluminum is a common choice for many homeowners. As long as you properly pre-drill holes and use spiking or corner pins, you can save yourself some money on installation costs and labor in the long run. Below are the advantages of using aluminum columns.

Aluminum columns are lightweight

Aluminum is a lightweight material and is easy to ship. The main benefit of the aluminum columns with regard to weight is that they are often lighter than steel or reinforced concrete columns. This makes it possible to use less structural steel in the building, reducing the carbon footprint.

100% recyclable

To reduce the carbon footprint, you must use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Aluminum has a low environmental impact compared to alternatives such as concrete and steel, so it is ideal for recycling old buildings and using them again in new structures.

Aluminum columns are more flexible than steel

Steel and reinforced concrete columns are rather inflexible in their design. This makes it challenging to create complex shapes out of them. Outdoor aluminum columns are lighter and more flexible, so you can use them for various designs. They also have a wider array of colors available, which means they can give your project a unique look.

Aluminum is corrosion resistant

Aluminum is not susceptible to corrosion, so it does not need to be coated or painted to protect it from the elements. This gives your aluminum columns a significant advantage over steel and reinforced concrete. Since there is no need for such measures, you can save time and money on maintenance costs for your building.

Aluminum is cost-effective

High-quality aluminum columns can be cost-effective when compared to other materials. They are often cheaper to produce and require less material, so you can use them in a wider array of projects. This means you can use them in more affordable building options.

Aluminum columns have an indefinite lifespan

Due to the corrosion resistance and light weight of aluminum, the shelf life of these posts is indefinite. This means they will never need to be replaced like steel or concrete posts, which brings considerable savings over time and the environment.

Aluminum columns are easy to manage

Aluminum can be worked with easily, making it easy to shape into any design you want. This is not the case with steel or reinforced concrete, which has limited shapes and colors of a standardized size. As a result, the possibilities are endless when it comes to using aluminum column.

Aluminum columns are an excellent choice if you’re looking to do some renovations or a new construction project. There are many advantages of using aluminum columns which makes them the most prefered in today’s market. But remember, it is essential that you do your research and know what you’re getting. Go for Sherwood’s high-quality DSI columns and enjoy added benefits in terms of quality and longevity.