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Repairing Your Ply Gem Stone Veneers

Repairing Your Ply Gem Stone Veneers

There are different reasons homeowners may want to repair their Ply Gem stone veneers. It could be that the damage resulted from a curious puppy, or it might be simply due to wear and tear over time. Whatever the case, there are at least six different options for repairing your Ply Gem stone veneers. They include;

Fixing Holes in Veneer

The first way is straightforward- you can use drywall compound mixed with tinted grout powder to patch up holes in your siding. Once this mixture has dried, take fine sandpaper and go over the area until it’s smooth enough for you. Finally, paint the section to match the rest of your siding.

Repairing Cracks in Veneer

You can use a similar process of fixing holes to fix cracks. However, before you patch them up, you may want to think about removing the cracked section entirely. Use a and pry bar to remove it, being careful not to damage your siding further in the process. Once removed, you can use tinted grout compound or wood filler to fill in any left patches.

Fixing Missing Stone Chips

If some of your stone chips have fallen off of your Ply Gem stone veneer, they are likely still very close by. Use a putty knife (a large one is best) to scrape the area where the chips should be carefully, and check underneath it. If you can see small cracks or holes, like mouse tunnels, then you might find some missing stones in those areas. Remove them and replace them with epoxy putty, which is similar to standard wood filler but has added stone dust for a more authentic look.

Replacing Damaged Stone chips

If the damage on the stone chips is extensive, you may need to replace all the chips instead of just fixing minor ones here and there. To do this, buy epoxy putty in the same color as the rest of your veneer and carefully place new stone chips. They may not be perfectly level right away, so give them some time to dry before using any power tools on them.

Replacing Damaged Siding

A final option for repairing your Ply Gem stone veneers is to replace damaged sections instead of doing spot repairs. This is easier with large and relatively flat areas, but it can work for more shapely siding, too, if necessary. You may need a diamond blade wet saw to make straight cuts in your old siding when cutting out new pieces since they are rarely entirely flush with one another. You can use panel adhesive to help seal the gaps between old and new stones.

You can use these fixes by themselves or in conjunction with one another. For example, if a portion of your veneer is missing and has been for years, it might be easier to remove the entire section and replace it rather than trying to fix the tiny holes. You can decide what works for you best!

Ply Gem offers an excellent siding product that’s extremely easy to install and maintain. However, accidents do happen, and things occasionally need repairing. Of course, hiring professionals for the repairs is the best idea. If you are looking for the best Ply Gem stone veneers then visit Sherwood Lumber.