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Maintaining Your Ply Gem Stone Veneers

By January 7, 2022News


Maintaining Your Ply Gem Stone Veneers

The exterior siding is essential to keep a home in good condition. Several exterior cladding options are available for homeowners, including aluminum, steel, fiber cement board, stone veneers, vinyl, or wood siding. While some are better suited to different climates than others, stone veneers are typically used across the country. You can use Ply Gem stone veneers in exterior exposure, and they will provide a good look for an extended time if the proper care is taken.
Check out these six ways of maintaining your Ply Gem stone veneers so that the looks would last longer than ever before.

Regular Cleaning

When cleaning your stone veneers, you should not use any chlorine-based cleaner on your surface, as it can eat away at its protective layer. Stay away from abrasive cleaners that might scratch or mar the material’s delicate surface. Also, avoid products containing alcohol, ammonia, bleach, or other volatile chemicals. To clean up stains on your stone veneer surface, use a mixture of hot water and mild liquid dishwashing soap. You can, after that, rinse thoroughly with cold running water to remove any traces of cleanser and dry immediately using a soft cloth or squeegee.

Removing Stains

Since Ply Gem stone veneers are sealed, cleaning them should prevent most stains from penetrating the material—if not all types. It can be surprisingly difficult to remove if you have an old grout haze between tiles that have turned dark yellow or gray over time. It might require several tries to use different cleaners and solvents. To remove the grime, start with a solution of chlorine bleach and water (about one part each), then try scrubbing it away with a soft brush or nonabrasive scrub sponge. You can also use the same cleaner but skip the bleach if you’re concerned about discoloring your stone veneer surface.

Getting Rid of Scratches

Ply Gem veneers are very durable, but they could get scuffed or scratched by sharp objects like stiletto heels, crayons, or even diamonds. If this happens, make sure to clean the surface and remove excess dirt and oils mechanically using a soft cloth. Apply a fine coat of any household abrasive cleaner, then rinse and let dry completely.

Clearing Acid etching

Acid etching is mineral deposits, limescale, or hard watermarks. It’s most likely to occur when you’ve used your hot tub, pool, or exterior faucet having high pH level water for an extended time without cleaning it off properly before you finish. Acid etching is a common problem for stone veneers, and you can eliminate it using vinegar or another acidic cleaner. Just scrub the surface with the solution while holding an old toothbrush firmly against any etched areas, then rinse thoroughly with cold running water.

Using sealer

Sealers are available in different viscosities. It’s designed to keep outdoor contaminants from making their way into your home’s interior and causing any damage to its finish over time. Sealing your stone veneer surface is crucial for preventing stains and other forms of damage that can compromise its durability.

Stone Veneer Care is Not Difficult

Caring for your stone veneers doesn’t have to be difficult at all. All it takes is a regular cleaning schedule, knowledge about the best products to use, and how often to apply them. Stone veneers are an affordable way to have the look of natural stacked stone at a fraction of the price. Maintaining your Ply Gem stone veneers appropriately will ensure they give you whatever you might want from other exterior cladding options without any hassles. Contact us today for more information on Sherwood Lumber’s Ply Gem stone veneers.