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Protect Your Vinyl Railing From The Hurricane

Protect Your Vinyl Railing From The Hurricane

The best defense against hurricanes is to take precautions to protect your vinyl railing from damage. It’s essential that you take care of your railing as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get damaged during the storm. Today we discuss tips to protect your vinyl railing from the hurricane and other dangers.

Use Storm Shutters

You can use storm shutters on the windows facing the ocean to prevent debris from coming in. Also, check the railing during the hurricane season to ensure that it won’t get damaged by strong winds. The shutters can help reduce the impact of the hurricane from the outside.

Anchors To Your Vinyl Railing

Another way to protect your vinyl railing from the hurricane is to install anchors to the vinyl rails. In most cases, vinyl railings come with screws for securing them in place. For example, if your railing comes with a wall plate mounted to concrete or a stud, you don’t need to use anchors to secure it in place. However, if you’re using butt joints and have no other option than to use anchors, make sure you cover them up, so they don’t become an eyesore on your property.

Clean Up Your Vinyl Railing

You should always wash your railing and the parts of your property, including gutters, roofs, and drain pipes, to prevent the spread of debris. It’s also essential to keep the sides of your vinyl railing clean, so it doesn’t become dirty. Also, check the railings regularly to ensure they don’t rust.

Get Gutter Guards

You can buy a gutter guard if you don’t have any storm shutters for your windows. These guards can keep the rain and debris away from your rails during the hurricane. However, ensure it’s installed correctly with no gaps so that rainwater and debris don’t flow down toward your vinyl railing.

Waterproof Your Vinyl Railing

This will help prevent damage during hurricanes and other storms as well. If you’ve painted or sealed your vinyl railing without waterproofing it, then there are chances that it might get damaged during heavy rainfall. You can buy a waterproofing sealer in stores near your area to prevent damage to your property.

Buy A Durable Vinyl Railing

Make sure you get a railing made of durable material since it will have to withstand heavy winds and rain. The best option is to buy a vinyl railing attached with screws or bolted in place. However, if you can’t find any options, use storm shutters or waterproofing seals on your vinyl railings.

The vinyl rails are perfect for your home, so make sure you take care of them so that they last long. The tips above can help protect your vinyl railing from the hurricane and other strong winds like a tornado. Take additional precautions before making any large or expensive investment. Conducting a proper storm survey with your neighbors will help you avoid damage to your property during the hurricane season. Get yourself high-quality PolyRail vinyl railing and enjoy outstanding performance.