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Peeling Issues on Engineered Wood Siding

Peeling Issues on Engineered Wood Siding

One common problem that homeowners face these days is the issue of peeling stains from their house sidings. House sidings tend to peel off their stains due to exposure to exterior elements. It calls for the attention of the homeowners to keep the siding in good shape at all times. However, you must first of all familiarize yourself with the peeling issues on engineered wood siding before handling them. The common factors that bring about peeling issues include:

1. Improper Preparation of The Surface

Before staining the siding, you must first of all carry out the necessary preparation of the siding surface. At this point, pressure washing is very important since it removes the dust and old stains from the siding. Also handle your siding with utmost care when pressure washing because you would not want to damage it. The best approach however would be to contact a professional to help you with the preparation. They are well conversant with the do’s and don’ts of the project and will save you a great deal of time as well. If you skip the preparation process then the stain will not hold up well on your siding. It will not take long before the stain starts peeling off.

2. Using Inappropriate Products

Another thing to inquire about before staining your siding is the type of products to use. This is something that most homeowners ignore yet it is the main reason behind the peeling issues on engineered wood siding. They end up spending money on the wrong products and later on face the consequences. You should be aware that different siding materials are compatible with different products. The same case applies to engineered wood siding. You can find more information from our website on the type of painting to  use on your KWP engineered wood siding. Moreover, our pre-painting options gives you an easy time with the siding installations and maintenance.

3. Application Errors

Aside from choosing the right products, you must also know the right procedure and the right tools to use for painting. The first step is to consider the type of climate. You should neither paint during the hot nor the cold seasons because the stain needs the appropriate atmosphere to dry. Quick drying will give the stain less time to penetrate into the material while the cold weather is very inappropriate for drying. Apart from the weather, you must also back-brush the surface before spraying the stain. Make sure you don’t make the stain very thick because it might damage the siding.

With all these guidelines on the peeling issues on engineered wood siding, all that is left of you is to take action. Do not stay comfortable at home yet the appealing look of your house is deteriorating. Find a way to keep your siding in good shape even if it involves looking for a professional. Sherwood Lumber guarantees you the best performing KWP engineered wood with the best color options. Make your order today and enjoy more than 30 years of quality performance.