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How To Prevent Deck Stain From Peeling

By October 6, 2021October 20th, 2021News

How To Prevent Deck Stain From Peeling

The most difficult part of maintaining exterior decks is to maintain the stain and the appealing look. In most cases, you will find homeowners struggling to find a perfect stain for their decking. Some even end up choosing the wrong stains that peel off within  few years of performance. There are many ways you can do away with all the struggles and inconveniences. All you need to do is to find a trusted source to guide you on the way forward. If you want to find out how to prevent deck stain from peeling, here are some few tips.

Allow Your Deck to Weather

Before you stain your deck, give it some time to weather. Weathering makes the decking material more absorbent and also improves the adhesion of the stain on the deck. Weather your deck for 2 to 3 months depending of the type of climate in your area. After that, you can proceed with the staining, which in this case will last longer.

Clean and Brighten Your Deck

Cleaning the deck is a very key step to consider on how to prevent deck stain from peeling. When you clean and brighten your deck, the surface will be smoother and more absorbent. As a result, the stain will dry up well on your deck, making the task easier for you. The benefit of using PVC is that it is easier to deal with. The cleaning process takes a very short time and you must ensure to remove the old stain before before applying the new one.

Use The Appropriate Amount of Stain

Another mistake that is common with many homeowners is the use of excess amount of stain. Achieving an appealing and long-lasting look calls for the use of an appropriate amount of stain. Using too much stain will interfere with the breathability of the material, preventing long-lasting adhesion. It is necessary that you seek for assistance from a professional on the correct amount of stain to use and the precautions to take.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Weather is also a very important consideration whenever you are planning to stain your deck. Always have it in mind that the stain needs enough time to penetrate into the decking material. For this to occur, you must shade your deck from the hot sun or instead do the staining when the temperatures are cool. Quick drying of the stain leads to peeling because the material will not have enough time to absorb the stain.

Apply Using A Brush

One tool that you should never leave behind when staining your deck is a brush. The brush breaks down the surface tension between the stain and the decking material. As a result, the stain penetrates deeper into the material and adheres thoroughly. Also handle the deck with care so that you do not cause any damages.

Once you have learned how to prevent deck stain from peeling, it is now up to you to choose the perfect deck for your home. A quality performing deck like TIVADek PVC guarantees you added strength and durability. You can also visit Sherwood Lumber for the best decking color options.