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The Best Way To Seal Your Composite Siding

The Best Way To Seal Your Composite Siding

Are you installing a new siding or renovating your old siding? Have you been trying to find the best way to seal your composite siding against exterior elements? If yes then you can try out the tips below and keep your home safe from pests and harsh weather forever.

A Guide To Composite Siding Sealing

1. Preparation

Ensure that you schedule the project for an appropriate day when the weather is also appropriate. Assemble all the necessary tools for the project and ensure you have the right quantity and quality of the sealant. If you are sealing an already existing siding then you will have to clear off the old stains and clean the siding boards. Have the guidelines with you and if possible, have a professional by your side to guide you on the best way to seal your composite siding.

2. Stirring the Sealant

Stir up the sealant and ensure no formation of air bubbles. You will need to stir up frequently so that the stain does not settle while you are working on your siding. If you are using a primer then you must have a paint roller and a paint pan. After wetting the paint roller, press it out so that the primer does not drip off upon lifting. For an oil-base stain, you will need a paintbrush.

3. Applying the sealant

For the primer, use a roller to roll it on the siding’s surface using slow and long strokes; This will ensure even sealing. In the case of oil base stain, apply the stain quickly since it will be runny. Spread it over the composite siding evenly before it penetrates and sets up in the composite siding material. Do this for both sides of the boards in case you are installing a new siding. Ensure that the stain does not puddle up in the siding grooves because it will bring about uneven coloring.

4. Second Coating

Before the first stain dries, brush another coating on top of it. Normally, you should give it a span of 20 minutes to one hour depending on the temperature and the brand if stain you are using. Once the stain is dry to touch then you can nail it on your building. Ensure that you handle the tools and your siding well not to cause any damages. After completing everything then you can clear the site o prevent any injuries and to make the environment of your home clean.

Aside from the sealing guide, the best way to seal your composite siding is by involving a professional. The chances of achieving a successful project is higher when you have a professional by your side. However, you should also remember that you can choose either the pre-finished siding options or painting your siding by yourself. The most appropriate option is pre-finishing because it saves you a great deal of time and expenses during the installations. Sherwood Lumber has the best pre-finishing options for you and our Everlast composite siding boards come in a variety of colors. You will always find a color that matches with the background and landscape of your home.