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Engineered Wood Siding vs Natural Wood Siding

Engineered wood siding vs natural wood siding

When planning for the best siding for your building, you must first of all compare the available options. In this case, we are comparing the engineered wood siding vs natural wood siding. Both the two have unique features that make them preferable over each other.

Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered wood siding is made from composite wood materials which make them cheap and energy efficient. The siding is available in 4 by 8 foot lap pannels or sheets and they either have embossed or smooth texture. Distribution stores like Sherwood Lumber have engineered wood siding brands of very high quality and of different designs. A good and recommendable example is the KWP siding.

Natural Wood Siding

The natural Wood siding is either made from redwood or cedar. The sidings have both vertical and horizontal profile and  can be treated or painted using stains. The cost of acquiring and maintaining natural wood siding is however high and that’s the reason for the decrease in their demand.

Engineered Wood Siding Vs Natural Wood Siding: Pros and Cons

The designs of Engineered Wood siding help to eliminate issues of flaws and deterioration and contribute to their easy maintenance. The following are the ways in which engineered wood siding and natural wood siding differ:

  • Strength

Engineered wood siding consists of wood strands with resin binder coating. These wood strands are compressed for maximum strength. This makes them durable over natural wood sidings despite the weather conditions. With such unsurpassed strength, you can rest assured the siding will serve you for years.

  • Pet, moisture and rot-free

The engineered wood sidings have zinc borate treatment that protect them from pets. The moisture-resistant coating also protect them from moisture and therefore they cannot easily rot. For the case of wood siding, it is very easy for moisture to get into the wood and result into rotting.

  • Installing

Engineered wood siding is very easy and cost effective to install. Since they have less weight than natural wood siding, it would take you a short time to install them. Most of the engineered wood sidings are already pre-primed and you can go ahead with the painting after purchase. This will help reduce expenses on labor.

  • Cost

The initial and maintenance cost of engineered wood siding is quite cheap as compared to natural wood siding. Besides, they can last for years without the need for any replacement and therefore no need for additional expenses.

  • Maintenance

Since the engineered wood sidings cannot be easily affected by harsh weather conditions, there is no need of regular inspection. Natural wood on the other side is very susceptible to effects of moisture and therefore you need to regularly check for any signs of damages.


Making Your Choice

After learning about the different wood sidings, you can now go ahead and make your choice. Look at the comparison of engineered wood siding vs natural wood siding and know the one that suits your desire. Preferably, Sherwood Lumber’s KWP engineered wood siding is the best option in the market to go for looking at its high quality and affordable price.