benefits of vertical siding

Apart from the siding material to use, homeowners still have other important siding decisions to make. One of them is the siding style. Most homeowners are usually stuck between going with vertical or horizontal siding. In both cases, there are benefits and also consequences that you will encounter. Today we are going to look at the benefits of vertical siding compared to horizontal siding. You will also get to know the reasons why you may prefer it over horizontal siding.

Unique and modern appearance

One of the reasons why people always go for perfect sidings is to give your house a unique appearance. It does not stop at that point. You need to further consider giving your house a modern look. This is one of the benefits of vertical siding. This design of siding is very unique and is now trending in the market.
Many homeowners had adopted the use of horizontal siding and it became very common. The reason for choosing horizontal sidings was that they are cheap and very easy to install. But horizontal can be a little too plain and conventional. The vertical sidings would really look nice on any type of building. You only need to choose a perfect color that will match the background.

Trouble-free cleaning and maintenance

One more feature that homeowners consider when choosing sidings is the maintenance needs. Not only the siding material that you choose but also the manner of installation will affect the maintenance of your siding. Unlike horizontal sidings, vertical sidings are the easiest to maintain. Whenever you are cleaning your vertical sidings, water will flow downwards along the boards alongside dust and dirt. There will be no hindrance during the process and it will take you a very short time to clean your sidings. This is one of the very common benefits of vertical sidings.
In the case of horizontal sidings, the downward flow will be very difficult. Instead, most of the dust and dirt will be moving horizontally along the boards. This will force you to scrub them out, which will not guarantee effective cleaning. You will thereafter need to revisit your sidings and ensuring that they are cleaner. It is now upon you to choose the siding design that will save you time and even money. Moreover, you should go for the easy-to-cleaning and maintain, siding options like KWP engineered wood siding.

They Are More Durable

To conclude on the benefits of vertical sidings, we need to look at their long term durability. They last twice longer than the horizontal sidings. The reason being that they do not wear out very fast. This is because there will be no puddling or pooling of water between the spaces. You will hardly experience issues with molds and mildew.
It is very certain that vertical sidings have lots of benefits compared to horizontal sidings. Visit Sherwood Lumber’s website if you need quality sidings. Our KWP engineered wood siding brand guarantees you extra benefits over other sidings.