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As We Fight This Crisis: What’s Next? From The Desk of Josh Goodman

By April 30, 2020May 22nd, 2020Covid-19, Helpful Hints, Lumber Sales, Lumber Species

In our line of work, taking the easy road isn’t often a choice. Avoiding the path of least resistance allows you to spot trends, see where the business is headed. Only 11% of family owned companies make it to their 3rd generation. We are lucky, I’m lucky! We are 65 years in with over 2 centuries worth combined experience. As a result here is what I know:

  • Don’t confuse brains with a bull market;
  • Managing market volatility is not about being correct, it’s about being disciplined; and
  • Just when you think you have seen everything, YOU ARE WRONG!

So what do you do when  you can’t see into the future? You lock in, hand by hand and move forward together because nothing halts progress faster than our own choice to do so. We are not going to freeze now, we are too close to the top of this mountain, It’s time to stick the flag in! Once we are at the top, vision gets restored.

Which begs the question. What’s Next??

Well, I will tell you. WE’LL BE THERE!

  • For our customers: let us know your problems
  • To our vendors: we refuse to rest, our tireless efforts to sell your products must continue
  • For our associates: You are my family, I would do anything to try to ensure an impeccable experience.

We are used to things being hard, we thrive when things are hard!

Be safe, be calm, have fun, do your part!