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Joy’s Corner: Ready or Not.. Away we Go ! 5/20/20

By May 20, 2020August 13th, 2020Joy's Corner, News

So much for a pause, this market is not seeing it as of late. Speaking of late, if you haven’t covered your needs for the next 30-45 days you are exactly that, late and you may end up short, especially in Premium studs.

Eastern SPF

Spruce continues to flex its muscles as markets start to become very active. While the Tri state market may be quieter Southern markets are full speed ahead. 2×4 is tight in supply and strong with you guessed it … Studs leading the charge! 2x4x8’s are now 3-4 weeks out and 2x4x104 5/8 are strong as well. Order files out 2-3 weeks on all else. If you wait and see in this market you will be waiting a long time to see levels come back.

Low grade SPF

has been inconsistent in availability. Mills are saying “No quote” a lot, especially on MSR. If you are looking for numbers that begin with 3 which you would normally see, look again, they now begin with a 4. On ground inventory is where it’s at. 2×4 in tight supply.


This record is on repeat… Mills have 3-4 week order files but the script is.. Lets see if in 3-4 weeks it is available. There are no signs of improvement anytime soon in mills having available supply as their order files are deep and their inventory is shallow. Don’t expect a reprieve before July. More supply might show a little after Memorial day but that’s wait and see.


You know we’re in a strong market when OSB continues upward after several prints. Mills are quoting significantly over print with order files going to end of June. No incentive to give away anything here.

SYP Plywood

continues strong as numbers increase. This market is strong with no short term reprieve in sight. If you can find on ground stock …Good for you! Expect more when vessels arrive mid June, with whatever is not pre sold.

Fir Plywood

Double digit increases are the norm for Fir plywood these days. Order files moved out to June mills are beating their chests and holding firm.


Mills are active as studs in Premium especially remain tight in supply especially 92 5/8 and 96” either in 2×4 or 2×6. Mills lists are slim as mills are trying to catch their breath top the increased demand.

KDDF studs

Up, up and away for studs! As said 8’ trims are tight as the big boxes gobble up every stick they can find ! Expect to pay higher numbers for Premium studs in the future.

West Coast

Material sold before it hits the ground (each day at higher levels). Believe it or not there are customers having record months.

Last week I said based on what we are seeing with the supply, higher levels in SYP dimensional, I wondered if that could be a snapshot for the rest of the market. Now I’m not just thinking out loud, I’m saying it.  Being cautious, wait and see approach will leave you waiting far longer than you may want.


For more information please reach out to Joy Robles at or 631-297-1947