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Sherwood Specialty – A Message From The Desk of Michael Goodman

My Grandfather started off selling clothing. But he saw an opportunity to EVOLVE and just like that Sherwood lumber was born. 65 years later, and three generations into this, we continue to look at ways WE can evolve. Sherwood has always been known for its commodity. MY job is to help them know it for more than that. The competitive environment has never been harder, the big keep getting bigger, the industry keeps consolidating and keeping up can be daunting

We saw this as an OPPORTUNITY. We had no bad habits to break, we had no legacy issues in our way. Nothing but greenfields to write the script the way we wanted to. With the pen firmly in our hand we decided to forge ahead and become leaders in outdoor living and exterior building products.

Strategy with out tactics is the slowest route to victory but tactics without strategy is the noise before the defeat. We have consciously made strategic decisions around our products, our partners but most importantly, how our people go to market. Today we face uncertain and challenging times, but there always new challenges, the next hurdle or next speed bump in our way. We need to be strategic, we need to be agile and we need to be battle tested.

Our Warehouse is a symbol of our future. If we are to be impeccable, we need to continue to grow deeper roots into our customers business. One way that we can do that is becoming a larger player In the specialty space. Strategically Sherwood is out to market to find offerings in the exterior building products and outdoor living space that best suit our customers. We are incredibly excited about what is currently in the warehouse today. Products like KWP siding, Excel Trim and TIVA decking for example have been met with extreme positivity in the market. I am equally excited to continue to invest into bringing even more products in this segment.

My grandfather saw something that changed the his course, my course and this company’s course.  I feel obligated to keep our eyes set on the opportunity horizon….

Be safe, be calm, have fun, do your part.