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Upgrade Your Home With PVC Ceiling

PVC ceilings are popular for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. They combine durability and low-cost benefits with their unmatched acoustic performance. Take a look at some reasons to upgrade your home with PVC ceiling.

Low Weight

PVC ceilings are manufactured from PVC, which is a polymer material. This makes for a much lighter ceiling than traditional ones made from timber or other materials.

Low Cost

PVC is a cheaper material to manufacture than heavier ones like wood. This, combined with its durability, makes for a very inexpensive ceiling over the long term. The low cost means that PVC ceilings are ideal for rental properties with high turnovers or where less affluent users will occupy them.

Impact Resistance

Because PVC is a rigid material, it offers excellent resistance to knocks, jolts, and impacts. The compressed polymer strands hold their shape; once deformed, they cannot return to their original architecture. As such, this means that the ceilings will withstand frequent abuse from regular users within the property.

Fire Resistance

Another reason to upgrade your home with PVC ceiling is because PVC is highly resistant to fire. It has a self-extinguishing quality that prevents it from spreading if ignited, which makes it ideal for use in high-risk environments where fire detection equipment may be lacking or where there is a higher level of fire hazard present.


PVC ceiling tiles are highly resilient to most construction damages. This is due to the inherent stiffness of PVC caused by its linear chain structure and significantly reduced weight, both of which allow it to absorb shock and act as a layer of protection for your ceiling below. It can also resist impacts from moving equipment with similar properties.

Easy Installation

Adding a new PVC ceiling is a straightforward process. There are no complex joinery techniques or need for complex equipment. It is a largely dry installation that can be performed by unskilled labor working from scaffolds within the room or suspended platforms if it exceeds the required ceiling height.

Resistant to mold and fire

The low weight of your PVC ceilings makes them easier to maintain. You don’t have to worry about sagging ceilings like those found in warehouse buildings and other high-ceilinged facilities that utilize concrete tiles as ceiling surfaces. Plus, the cured PVC material is highly resistant to mold and fire.


One of the most attractive features of industrial-grade PCB and PVC ceiling tiles is their soundproofing properties. The inherent stiffness of the material allows it to absorb sound while acting as an acoustic insulation layer between the ceiling and supporting structures. The noise attenuation can be excellent, reducing noise levels by up to 80%.

Easy to Dispose of

Because the material does not contain toxic chemicals and is not flammable, it can be disposed of in an industrial facility for waste products. You will then recycle it into other structures or other products without any risk to the consumer and without harming the environment. This is why PVC ceiling tiles are very popular in residential environments like apartments and condominiums

Once you decide to upgrade your home with PVC ceiling, you can always find one that is perfect for your budget or space. PVC ceiling tiles are one of the most popular and cheapest materials today. Get yourself a high-quality Aeratis ceiling and enjoy many years of outstanding performance.