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How To Install PVC Shutters

By December 30, 2022News
How To Install PVC Shutters

One of the ways to upgrade your windows is to add PVC shutters. The shutters bring in both a protective and decorative aspect to your house. However, as a homeowner, you must first learn how to install PVC shutters. Take a look at the following procedures and get started with your project.

Take the window measurements

You must consider the height of your windows before purchasing new shutters. The heights should be the same, or the shutters should be a few inches taller. You can always involve professional guidance to ensure you use the Right measurements. Also, take note of the spacing between the two windows so that the shutters do not overlap.

Assemble the Equipment

Once you’ve purchased the right shutters for your building, assemble all the necessary tools for the project. Keep your work area organized so that you have an easy time with the tools and materials. If necessary, you should get an expert to assist with the preparations and assembling.

Position your shutters

Like most building materials, PVC also undergoes expansion and contraction. Therefore, you need to level your shutters efficiently, leaving some gaps in between. Go by the professional’s instructions or user guide so that you don’t leave too much or too little spacing.

Drill the mounting and pilot holes

The next step is to prepare your PVC shutters for mounting. Mark the side rails two inches from the top and bottom and fix the fasteners. If your shutters are more than 40 inches long, you’ll need six fasteners; 4 on the shutters and 2 for the side rails. Wrap up the procedure by drilling pilot holes. Ensure you are drilling the holes to a proper depth.

Install Spacers

You can always add spacers to your budget when purchasing new shutters. These spacers act as extra protection to the shutters, preventing them from any breakages. Cut your spacers into the appropriate thickness and drill holes of a similar size to the pilot holes in the PVC shutters. Align the spacers and pilot holes and apply silicon caulk between the spacers and the shutter. Let the caulk dry for about 10 minutes before attaching the shutter to your siding.

Attach the shutters

Use the shutters fasteners to lock the PVC shutters to your exterior siding. Fix every hole in place while fixing the locking fasteners appropriately. Check with a spirit level to ensure your shutters are in the correct position from both sides of your windows or siding. It is advisable to purchase shutters that come with their hardware. This way, you won’t struggle to look for the correct lengths and thicknesses, especially for the screws. Take necessary precautions when installing the shutters so that you don’t suffer any damage.

The key to successful installations is to ensure your exterior shutters fit perfectly to the windows. Take note of every step to avoid revisiting your project due to damages. Now that you know how to install PVC shutters, you can go ahead with the purchase. If you’re looking for long-lasting shutters for your project, go for Aeratis PVC shutters. We guarantee you more than 30 years of outstanding performance.