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Top Uses of Spruce Pine Fir

By January 23, 2022Lumber Species, Pine, Top Lists

Top uses of Spruce Pine Fir

Spruce-pine-fir lumber species, popularly known as SPF, is a combination of Engelmann Spruce, Lodgepole Pine, and Subalpine Fir. The lumber species is very common in North America and because of its versatility, it can be used in many areas, namely residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings.

Its features, including dimensional stability, also allow it to be used in quite a number of areas. Significantly, the lumber species is very tough which is a plus to its areas of application. Here are the top uses of spruce pine fir.

#1. Framing

Besides Doug-fir, spruce pine fur is also a great material for house framing. This is because it is relatively strong and therefore robust enough to hold the house and the roof together. Besides, SPF has excellent nail holding properties and so, easily usable. An additional advantage is the fact that SPF is taken through a kiln drying process, which besides strengthening it, also improves its resistance to water damage and insect infestation.

#2. Interior finishing

SPF is also popular for its bright and clean appearance, which gives the best results as far as interior finishing is concerned. The species’ color ranges from white to pale yellow. Its smooth texture also comes handy in accepting paint readily, and so do its top-notch gluing and staining properties. With a well-processed SPF, you can completely avoid warping and keep your interior finishings brand new.

#3. Prefabrication industry

Though not yet embraced by everyone, prefabrication is on the rise and more and more constructors are opting for it. Prefabrication is generally the manufacturing of building elements in a factory, then having then transported to the building site . The elements could include walls, windows, premade bathrooms, pre-wired fixtures among others

This application is quite important and makes work extremely easy. The structural and mechanical makeup of SPF makes it the best choice for wood manufacturers to make the premanufactured walls, trusses, and pallets among others.

#4. Furniture framing

Furniture framing is another significant and common use of SPF. While there is no harm in using it for indoor furniture, SPF gives the best results in outdoor framing. This is because, in addition to being sturdy, it is hardly affected by the changes in the environment. Whether it is cold or hot, the wood will maintain its shape and size, therefore keeping the furniture in good shape.

#5. Making crates

By now, it is clear that spruce is among the strongest softwoods, with enhanced dimensional stability. These features brought together, make SPF a good choice when it comes to crate making. Not to forget, the ability of SPF to glue easily also makes it the right material for making crates.

#6. Railway ties

Another benefit of the robustness of SPF is its ability to be used in making railway ties. These are basically the rectangular support for rails in railroads. The dimensional stability of SPF is also a factor in this case.

These are the top six uses of Spruce pine fir. However, there are a lot more that can be offered by it. And the versatility, smooth appearance, strength, and dimensional stability of the wood, works hugely in its favor. You can check here for other lumber species of similar properties.