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Vinyl Railing Installation Mistakes To Avoid

By January 23, 2022News

Vinyl Railing Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Today, many options are emerging for railing systems as manufacturers are looking to develop more advanced railing systems for homeowners. The many styles, materials, and color options give homeowners a chance to make their choices considering their landscapes and other exterior components. However, you cannot achieve a successful railing project unless you use the correct installation approach. Talking of installation, below are some vinyl railing installation mistakes to avoid.

Failure to Follow Instructions

Following instructions is a ‘must’ for every installation project, especially those involving measurements and fastening. Most railings come with special installation instructions, and it is crucial to heed them, especially if you are using the DIY approach. Take note of the tools and measurements to use for your vinyl railings. Having a professional by your side for such projects will assure you of a more practical approach. Therefore, regardless of whether you are making replacements or installing new vinyl railings, try as much as possible to seek professional assistance.

Poor Color Matching

Most homeowners ignore the blending of exterior colors when installing their vinyl railings. This is one of the vinyl railing installation mistakes to avoid, especially if you are looking into the value of your home. Always ensure you use an appropriate color for your railings so that they can blend in well with the other exterior features such as the decking and siding. If you are not confident with the color you choose for your railing, you can consult with professionals. For railing brands like PolyRail vinyl railings, always be sure to get the colors of your choice. Moreover, Sherwood Lumber will always guide you on the best way to pair your exterior colors.

Cutting Too Short Balusters 

Before installations, professionals always measure the bottom rails, top rails, balusters, rail caps, and sweeps. These measurements will help you determine the correct heights and spaces between the posts for an effective railing. Failure to take these measurements may lead to inconveniences such as concise measurements or measurements that do not meet building codes.

Ignoring Structural Capacity of The Posts

Not all railings are structurally capable of supporting certain weights or withstanding certain stress. Some require shimming and mounting over wood posts to improve their efficiency. Therefore, before you install the posts, ensure you seek precise details from the manufacturers so that you are sure of the products you are using.

Leaving a Mess Behind

Aside from perfect installations, it is also essential to leave the installation site in good shape. Clear away any leftover materials to clear the surroundings and protect your deck and siding from any unexpected damages. You will also be ensuring the safety of the people within your home, especially the kids.

Whenever in doubt, always ensure you contact professionals for guidance. Railing installations is not a walk in the path, and you must keep heed of the vinyl railing installation mistakes to avoid. When choosing the suitable railing material, Sherwood Lumber has you covered. Our PolyRail vinyl railings have all the qualities you want, from durability to appearance and even maintenance.