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Top Pool Decking Ideas

Top Pool Decking Ideas

Also called pool patio, pool decking is where you place the tables, lounge chairs and other backyard/pool furniture. The deck gives the entire swimming space its beautiful style and appealing look. This therefore implies that you must always put the decking material and color into consideration. You should make your pool deck look stylish, well-constructed, non-slip and inviting and this will make it a better place for having family fun. Below are some of the top pool decking ideas that you should know about. But first of all let us look at the difference between pool decking and pool coping.

Pool Coping VS Pool Decking

For pool coping, a cap is constructed around the pool’s edge and in most cases the cap is made from concrete or stone. Pool coping is always about 12′ wide and is located in between the deck and the pool. Pool decking on the other hand is larger so that it accommodates chairs, furniture and in some cases it even accommodates a full BBQ grill.

Top Pool Decking Materials


Concrete is always the most popular and most affordable material for pool decking. Most of the concrete pool decking are either stamped or broom finished and the broom finish always creates a very standard look. Stamped concrete resembles brick, stone or tile and is always a bit expensive compared to broom finishing. However, for concrete decking, you will have very limited color options. Also, concrete does not work well in areas that experience constant cold winters since it will crack over time.


Wood is also a very popular decking material following its low cost and natural appearance. Some homeowners choose to build their wood decks off the ground in case of irregular landscape. However, wood decking has a lot of maintenance needs. You will regularly have to stain and seal the material in order to prevent damage and color loss.


If you want a material with an appealing look and with minimal maintenance needs then composite would be the best choice. Composite constitutes plastic-like synthetics and won’t splinter, rot or fade  even when exposed to water and sun consistently. Moreover, you can get different colors for your composite deck at Sherwood Lumber. Our MoistureShield composite deck is so far the best brand in the market with a variety of color options. We guarantee you the best pool decking performance over the years.


Stones are affordable, stylish and durable and this makes them very popular for decking pools. There are different sizes, colors and shapes of stones and you can use them to add decorations such as waterfalls or boulders to your pool. This gives it a natural and architectural look. Stones are very durable and require very minimal maintenance. They are also non-slippery and this guarantees poolside safety. However, stones are very costly and time consuming to install.

To be on the safe side, you need to install a decking that performs under every circumstance and composite is one of the top pool decking ideas.