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Are Pests A Threat To Your Composite Siding?

Are Pests A Threat To Your Composite Siding?

Nowadays, homeowners tend to choose composite siding over other siding materials. This is because they realize how outstanding the material is in terms of appearance, durability, resistivity and strength. However, some homeowners keep asking themselves questions like ‘are pests a threat to your composite siding?’ worrying about the safety of their property. Answering this question requires that you first look at the types of pests that threaten the performance of sidings before looking at the quality of your composite siding.


Termites are the most common threats to sidings, especially wood sidings. Homeowners are looking for the most appropriate means of eliminating this threat but all seem not to be working out. It is very difficult to do away with termites completely from your building structure because you can’t spot them easily. They damage the siding material from the inside, making the structure of the material very unstable. If the damages worsen without you noticing, you may end up living in a very insecure building threatening to collapse at any moment.

To provide a much better solution to eliminate termites completely, the building industry came up with composite siding. Composite is a combination of cellulose fibers, sand and cement. With this combination, strength, durability, resistance and energy-efficiency come in handy. Termites cannot easily damage the stable structure of composite sidings and therefore they will be less attracted to your building. Sherwood offers you the best performing composite siding brand, Everlast which is both appealing and strong.


Rodents, especially the squirrels and rats tend to invade buildings in search of food and shelter and they are becoming  nuisance. Unlike termites, rodents are not only a threat to the building but they also cause a lot of irritation. You can easily spot them moving around from one corner to the other. In order to eliminate rodents, you have to look for something less appealing. Look for something that the rats and squirrels cannot chew easily and the appropriate solution in this case is composite. Composite sidings are very impervious to pest damage and above all, the material has no wood components in its structure.



Are pests a threat to your composite siding? Another pest that you should have in mind is a woodpecker. Before a woodpecker decides to choose your siding over the others, it thinks of four aspects. They include, food, shelter, storage, and funnily enough they look for something they can peck on. They peck on sidings when attracting mates and when claiming their territory. This pecking sound always turns out to be very annoying to the homeowners who keep scaring them away. Woodpeckers are very destructive and you should eliminate any from your building as soon as possible. Pecking a hole through Everlast composite siding would be a very difficult task for the woodpeckers. Therefore, they can’t shelter, find food or store their food inside the structure.

Choosing composite siding guarantees you stress-free performance. With Everlast composite siding, you will not have to worry about rodents, termites, woodpeckers or any other pests. Instead, you will only need to worry about improving the value of your property.