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Precautions for Having a Fireplace on Your Composite Decking

Precautions for Having a Fireplace on Your Composite Decking

Whether you have a fire in your fireplace or are burning piles of firewood, you need to ensure that the fire will not get out of control or cause any damage to your outdoor deck. One thing that often goes wrong is for the fireplace grate to fall through and crack, which can be expensive to replace. Here are precautions for having a fireplace on your composite decking:

Remove Flammable Materials from Decking

Although it may be tempting to have tables and chairs on your composite decking, any material that will burn should be cleared away from the area. If a fire starts, it could easily spread to flammable materials.

Make Sure You Have a Fire Extinguisher Handy

Invest in an outdoor fire extinguisher, as these can come in handy if a fire gets out of control or, worse still, flares up unexpectedly. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher that can tackle both small and large fires and electrical fires.

Ensure the Decking is made From a Fire Retardant Material

It is very easy to be sidetracked when building or redesigning your deck, but you should remember to ensure it is fireproof. Some of the cheaper materials out there may not be suitable for hosting a fire, so it is better to invest in suitable materials from the start.

Take It Out When it Gets Cold

Always check to see that your fireplace is clear before it is cold out. You should remove the grate, board, or other pieces of decking and make sure there are no nails, screws, or other metal objects that could get stuck to the surface of your fire.

Cover Your Fireplace with a Fireproof Mat

If you want to keep your exterior decking in good condition, it is best to cover it with a fireproof mat. This will stop sparks from flying toward your decking and protect the surface from being damaged by a hot fireplace grate.

Keep It Clear of Leaves

Hanging outside does not have to be about sitting back and relaxing. You can also use this time for cleaning. Take some time out when you are done using your fireplace and clear away all the leaves collected on the grate. If you ignore the debris, they could catch fire if the wood is set alight.

Place an Extension Cord Inside Your Fireplace

You can use an extension cord to keep your fire as safe as possible by keeping the power off while having a fire. In case of a power outage, your fire will not go out. It just won’t be able to burn right away. Using an extension cord, you can keep your fire burning and avoid any damage to your composite deck or other surfaces.

Use Waterproof Gloves

Your fingers might accidentally press buttons or levers while using your fireplace, which could cause your fire to go out. To avoid this from happening, you could use waterproof gloves. Ensure you don’t use them indoors as these would be a fire hazard.

You would not want to damage your dec ing or any other surfaces at home, needing to spend several hundred dollars on fire damage repairs. By following these precautions for having a fireplace on your composite decking, you will be able to keep the decking safe from fire damage. For the best performance against elements, choose Sherwood Lumber’s MoistureShield composite decking.