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PVC VS Glass Ceiling

By January 26, 2023News
PVC VS Glass Ceiling

Choosing the right type of home ceiling can make a big difference in your home’s comfort and aesthetic appeal. But when choosing between PVC or glass, which material is better? This article will shed some light on some differences between PVC vs glass ceiling.


PVC ceiling panels are much cheaper than glass. The price of glass increases with its thickness and the quality of the decoration. You can save a lot if you opt for a PVC ceiling. Glass ceilings are more difficult to install; They require specialized crews and more time. Therefore, they cost more to install.


PVC Ceiling panels are in a more traditional style. They have straight edges and come in various patterns and textures, so they are quite versatile. This type of ceiling is ideal for more traditional homes with modern elements (black moldings, leather-like ceiling panels). Glass ceilings come in different styles. However, they are mostly contemporary in appearance.

Energy Efficiency

PVC has higher thermal insulation properties than glass ceilings, mainly from its lightweight and flexibility. Glass ceilings are heavier and more rigid, resulting in them losing their insulating properties when subjected to pressure or vibration. They can also get easily damaged by weather conditions such as strong winds or extreme temperatures, which can also affect their thermal insulation properties.


PVC exterior ceiling is more affordable and more durable than glass. It is known to be resistant to bending, so it can be used to cover the windscreens of the roof in a rooftop pontoon boat, for example. Glass ceilings are not as durable as PVC and are also easily prone to damages from extreme weather conditions.

Optimal sound absorption

PVC has many sound-absorbing properties that can reduce noise levels in a room or keep you from being disturbed by neighbors. The ceiling also has better insulation properties than glass, making it a good choice for soundproofing.


Installing PVC ceiling is a good option if you are looking for wall or roof-mounted air conditioners that require air to be circulated through them, as it is known to be impervious to water when appropriately dried, which makes it a perfect material for such applications as well. It is also known for keeping in moisture for a longer period than other materials, so it will not easily crack or delaminate from extreme conditions such as strong winds and rainstorms.

Fire safety

PVC ceiling is fire resistant, while glass ceilings are not. When subjected to high temperatures, PVC ceilings will not melt, delaminate or release any toxic fumes into the air and will only get dull over time. On the other hand, the glass will crack and shatter into tiny pieces during a fire, resulting in it getting into the air, which can threaten your health if inhaled.

When choosing the right home ceiling, consider the type of home you have, your budget, and your taste. The comparison of PVC vs glass ceiling can help you make an informed decision. Choose the best ceiling brand that fits your needs and budget without sacrificing quality. Sherwood’s Aeratis PVC ceiling panels are an excellent option for home ceilings and are very affordable, flexible, and durable.