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PVC Trim and Its Benefits

By August 8, 2022News

PVC Trim and Its Benefits

What is PVC Trim

PVC trim is a synthetic polymer mostly used in making pipes and other equipment designed to hold water. It is suitable for drainage trenches, plumbing, and other related aspects. For purposes of building and construction, the best type of PVC to be used is the cellular PVC due to its softness and flexibility and the fact that it can be molded into any required form. If you are considering purchasing a PVC trim, Ex-Cel PVC should be your first option and you can check more on it here. There is a lot you will find out concerning PVC trim and its benefits some of which have been discussed below:

Benefits of PVC trim

1. Can withstand harsh conditions

PVC trim is suitable for use even despite the presence of rainstorms and other harsh weather conditions. This is because it does not have the tendency of absorbing moisture from the air, the ground, or from the concrete. This, therefore, means that expansion and contraction won’t take place.

2. Non-susceptible to insect invasion

Since insects cannot find any food or even water from the PVC material, there isn’t by any chance a way in which they can invade your house through the PVC trim. These insects will find it difficult chewing through the trim, therefore keeping your house safe from such destruction.

3. Finish stays intact

The crisp white color of the cellular PVC trim can match any house of any style or color. The owner will, therefore, need not to do repainting or anything of that sort because the color will stay intact for years.

4. Comes in precise shapes and designs

The different shapes and designs of the trim are suitable for any construction. This implies that there will be no waste left behind after constructions contrary to what is witnessed with the wood trims. No cost, therefore, goes at waste.

5. Has hassle-free and less costly installation

There are no special tools required when installing a PVC trim. You can use the woodworking tools in this process and therefore no expenses are involved.

6. Resistant to fire

The PVC material is resistant to fire(flame-retardant) and can never cause an outbreak of fire in your house. This makes it the best option for houses located in the areas experiencing frequent bushfires or wildfires.

7. Suitable for milling and routing

Looking at PVC trim and its benefits,  it is clear that the material is soft and suitable for milling and even routing. It can, therefore, be curved smoothly and used in molding around windows.

8. Predictable cost of construction

As compared to wood trims, the manufacturing cost of PVC trims may remain stable for a long period of time. This gives the contractors an easy time predicting the costs of construction.

9. Environmentally friendly

PVC trim is environment friendly- first of all, by using PVC instead of wood, you will be avoiding the cutting down of trees. The material can also be recycled after use and this will ensure no wastage of materials.

A PVC trim is the best choice for every house and so long as you have one, you should be ready for a comfortable life with no frequent replacements. To find the best PVC trims, you can visit Sherwood Lumber, which is one of the best distributors of the PVC trim. Basically, all that you need to have in mind when looking for the best trim is the PVC trim and its benefits.