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Types of Scaffold Planks

By August 13, 2022Helpful Hints

Types of scaffold planks

Scaffold planks are temporary structures used by constructors for support during building construction. These planks are either made of timber or steel and the type of plank you use will depend on the type of construction taking place. Basically, there are many types of scaffold planks and they include the following:

1. Single Scaffold Planks

This type of scaffolding is used generally for brick masonry. It is made of structures such as the ledgers, standards and the putlogs. While at work, the plank is placed about 1.2 metres from the wall. The standards are placed 2 to 2.5 metres apart and the ledgers 1.2 to 1.5 metres apart. One end of each putlog is fixed to the wall and another to the ledger. All this is done to give maximum support to the weight of the workers.

2. Double Scaffold Planks

Double scaffolding is mainly meant for stone masonry. This is because the putlogs cannot be inserted through the stone walls.the double-row scaffolding is meant for maximum support. In this case, the putlogs are inserted between the two rows which are 1m apart and the temporary structure is placed 20-30cm from the wall. Cross braces and rakers are as well used to give it kinda additional support.

3. Cantilever Scaffolding

This is the type of scaffolding where needles are used to support the standards. Constructors either strut the needles through the openings into the floor or through the wall. This type of scaffolding is mainly used under situations where the ground is traffic-free or cannot support standards. Another instance is when it is the upper part of the building that is under construction. However, when constructing this type of scaffolding, care must be taken to ensure no damage results.

4. Suspended Scaffolding

In this case, chains or wire ropes are used in suspending the scaffold from the roof and it can be adjusted to any level required. This type of scaffolding is used when making repairs, painting or pointing.

5. Trestle Scaffolding

This is a type of scaffolding where the working platform is placed on movable ladders or tripods and is about 5 m long. It is mainly used in rooms when making repairs, painting and any related activities.

6. Steel Scaffolding

It is made of steel tubes fixed to each other using steel fittings or couplers and are very easy to assemble and dismantle. Among the many types of scaffold planks, this is the strongest and durable type and is very safe for the workers. It is therefore commonly used these days in construction.

7. Patented Scaffolding

This is a type of scaffolding made of steel and designed to form bracket-like structures where the workers work on. This type of scaffolding is readymade and you will always find them in the market.

Based on the type of construction you want to work on, you have to ensure that you pick on the correct types of scaffold planks to use. The failure to do this may put your workers and even your building at risk.