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PVC Decking VS Wood Decking

By July 28, 2021July 30th, 2021News

PVC Decking VS Wood Decking

If you have problems deciding which decking material to choose then it is high time you compare different decking materials. Since not all decking materials will meet your requirements, you would rather go for some of the best and most popular. Speaking of popularity, we are going to compare PVC decking vs wood decking and find out which one is the best option.


In terms of installation, both PVC and wood boards undergo the same method of installation. However, wood is not as strong as PVC and in some cases the wood boards end up breaking during installation. As a result, you will waste a lot of materials and time installing your wood deck. PVC decking on the other hand is a clean decking material and is very safe to install. Within a few hours, you can perfectly install your PVC deck. Sherwood lumber offers you TIVADek which is the best decking brand in today’s market.

Fade Resistance

Not all decking materials have the ability to hold paints for a long time and some paintings even fade of after 2 years. When looking for a material that is resistant to fading then PVC is the best option over wood deck. On top of the many painting options you have for your PVC deck, you will also get to enjoy the appealing look of your deck over the years. PVC is capable of holding its painting despite the changes in weather conditions.

Stain Resistance

Whenever you are constructing your deck, you should have it in mind that the deck will be exposed to different elements. At some point you may find bird dropping, grease and or other substances on your deck and you will have to remove them. For some decks, the stain may be very difficult to remove and may leave a mark while for others, stains are not the big threats. In the comparison of PVC decking vs wood decking,  PVC is stain-resistant as opposed to wood decks. That is why you will always find most PVC decks remaining clean over the years.


The easiest deck to maintain is one that is impervious to different kinds of damages. Looking at wood and PVC, it is very obvious that PVC will give you an easier time to work with compared to wood. Once you have PVC as your decking, you will only need to do regular cleaning as compared to wood whereby you will have to worry about constant repairs. That is why companies dealing with PVC will always offer you long-term warranty on their products.

The Green Factor

Speaking of green factor, we are talking of decking materials that can perform without any negative impact on the environment. When comparing PVC decking vs wood decking, it is very obvious that wood will rot after some time and become useless. Unlike other materials, you cannot recycle wood and therefore it will end up in the dumps, degrading the environment. As for PVC, the material consists of plastics which are readily recyclable. Surprisingly enough, the plastic component does not interfere with its appealing look. TIVADek PVC deck still feature the traditional look of wood and with perfect finishes.