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Pre-Winter Exterior Maintenance Tips

Whenever the winter approaches, homeowners always have a lot to worry about. They worry about how they can go into the winter with the appropriate siding, roofing and trimming. They also think of the best way to keep their exterior safe from the cold elements like moisture and snow. In case you move into the winter with a weak siding, decking or roofing material you will have a lot to worry about. You will keep on replacing these parts from time to time. In order to avoid such inconveniences, pre-winter exterior maintenance tips play a big role. Moreover, if you maintain your exterior before the winters, then you will not need to get out in the cold for any cleaning or maintenance.  Once you know how to make your exterior ready for the winter, you will have little to worry about. Below are some of the areas you need to work on as the winters approach.

Exterior Siding

Pre-Winter Exterior Maintenance Tips

The siding is a very important part of the exterior. It plays an important role in protecting the property within the house and also offers additional insulation. Not all siding materials are good performers and only a few will take you through a stress-free winter season. Choose either Everlast composite siding or KWP engineered wood siding as your exterior siding. The two siding options are good at resisting moisture and snow damage. With composite or KWP siding, you will not need any machines to warm your house. They are both energy-efficient and are able to maintain the warm temperatures within your house throughout the winter.

Your Decking

Pre-Winter Exterior Maintenance Tips

Decks are also very delicate during the winters and it is important that you start updating your deck before the winters. You can cover your patio furniture using a waterproof cover so that the snow and moisture do not damage them. As for the decking material, MoistureShield composite decking would be very appropriate for the winters. As the name suggests, MoistureShield decks can resist moisture-damage and therefore you don’t need to worry too much about them as you move into the winter. You only need to keep them clean at all times, before and after the winter season.

Vents and Radiators

As you already know the winters are always very cold and you will always need to keep yourself and your family warm. However, if you do not have proper venting and radiators then you will never achieve a comfortable stay during the winter. You should clean your vents and radiators properly using a vacuum cleaner to remove the debris. This way they will operate effectively throughout the winter period.


If you do not clean your gutters before then you will have a lot of problems to deal with. Once there are blockages in the gutters, the ice and snow will thaw and with have no place to go. As a result, they will pile up and cause a lot of damages on your building’s roof. To be on the safe side, seek for the help of a professional to guide you on pre-winter exterior maintenance tips for your gutters.