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KWP Siding Repair Mistakes To Avoid

By October 2, 2021News

KWP Siding Repair Mistakes To Avoid

Nothing is as sensitive as repairing your KWP engineered wood siding. You must have the necessary skills and equipment to work on your siding. Otherwise, you may end up causing unnecessary damages that will cost you a lot to repair. Whenever you are planning to execute repairs on your KWP siding, there are some do’s and don’ts to take into consideration. Some of the KWP siding repair mistakes to avoid include:

Choosing Cheap Replacements

When it comes to home upgrade projects, you must be aware that cheap is expensive. In case you want to replace a damaged siding with something cheaper, you will be in for bigger problems. Always take your time before you choose a siding material to replace the old one. Luckily, Sherwood Lumber offers you the best siding choice, KWP which has very outstanding performance. Although it is not cheap, it is very affordable and long-lasting. You can use KWP engineered wood siding for over 30 years without having to make any repairs along the way. Therefore, it also saves you a lot of budget.

Poor Planning

Planning is always essential in every building project. Once you plan well for the repairs, you will always have in mind the KWP siding repair mistakes to avoid. Plan well on the budget for the project, the equipment to purchase and the allocated time for the repairs. Also ensure that you include professional assistance in your planning because it gives you high chances of having a successful project. The weather condition is also a very important consideration because it can have great effect on your repairs. Preferable, you should repair your siding when there are no rains and also when the sun is not very hot. This type of weather is very effective especially when you have to paint the new boards. However, choosing Sherwood’s pre-painting options will help you a great deal to skip the painting process. It also saves on the painting expenses.

Nailing The Siding Very Tightly

It is also advisable to leave tiny spaces between the boards and the nails during the repairs. This is because most siding materials are prone to expansion and contraction especially during the cold seasons. These spaces will allow room for the expansion and contraction, ensuring that the nails do not damage the boards. The same case applies to engineered wood siding. As for the coating, you should not be worried because the KWP material holds up its paint well even during the cold seasons.

Not Involving a Professional

Above all, one thing that you should always have in mind is the role of professionals in building projects. Professionals are aware of all the KWP siding repair problems to avoid and they will guide you through the entire repair process. They will also recommend the best equipment and measurements to use for the replacements. If you lack the skills to carry out the siding repairs, you should not risk going ahead with the project alone. A professional’s helping hand would be very effective at this point.