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Is Time To Repaint Your Deck

By June 26, 2021News

Is Time To Repaint Your Deck

Just the same way it is with the case of roofing and siding, the appearance of the deck must always be taken into consideration. You must ensure that your deck is appealing to the eyes. This not only gives your exterior a beautiful look but also adds value to your property. There are several ways that will tell you it is time to repaint your deck. However, it calls for regular inspection for you to know the condition of your decking. Many homeowners would choose to go for composite decking since it is the easiest to maintain. It does not require regular inspection since it rarely has problems with damages.

Below are some of the conditions in which repainting may be necessary:

When The Coating Is Fading Off

Whenever you realize that the coating of your decking is fading, you consider repainting the material. The coat acts as a membrane that protects the decking material from external threats. Once the coating fades off, your decking will either begin to rot, split or there may be formation of mold. However, you can avoid these problems by going for damage-resistant decking materials such as composite. Sherwood’s MoistureShield composite decking is moisture-resistant and mold-resistant and is the best choice for every homeowner. We have all the colors that you may prefer for your deck.

When The Weather Condition Is Appropriate

Before deciding that it is time to repaint your deck, you need to consider the weather condition of that area. The weather will determine whether the paint will dry perfectly or not. If you paint either during the wet or hot seasons, be very certain that the painting project won’t be successful. The painting will not be in the position of drying well on the deck. It is therefore advisable that you paint during the springs. At this time, the weather conditions are neither hot nor cold and there are no rains to interfere with your painting project.

If The Paint Has Lasted Long

Also, there are times when you may feel like your painting has lasted very long and you need to change to something else. This can be possibly after 10 to 15 years of performance. In this case you can either decide to paint on top of the old painting or to remove the old one first. Either way, you will still have to go for a painting that will look nice on your building.

When Changing The Decking Material

Whenever you are changing the decking material, obviously you will also have to change the color. Nowadays, most homeowners are changing from wood and other materials and they are moving to composite decking. The reason behind this change is because of the high quality of composite decking. The material can last for over 30 years without the need for replacement or repainting. In fact, you can decide to go for the pre-painting option to give you an easy time during the installation. However, if you decide on painting the decking upon installation, you still have a lot of options to choose from.