5 Ways To Provide Better Service to Your Lumber Customers

Offering better service to your lumber customers

Having a good customer service reputation as a lumber merchant means everything. Customers will buy lumber from merchants and lumber companies where they feel loved and appreciated. Hence, top lumber companies like Sherwood Lumber focus on developing long-lasting and strong relationships with customers. Through a lot of experience and interaction with multiple customers, here are some of the top tips for offering better service to your lumber customers.

1. Contact customer regularly

The trip to becoming the favorite lumber merchant to customers is to keep in touch. This will remind the customers that you don’t only want the current sale, but that you care about their progress and success. It does not help at all to be the person who only contacts customers when you need something from them. A good tip is to come up with a proactive communication schedule. Use it to contact your customers on a regular basis. A good example is creating a blog for your website. The blog should always be updated at all times. Use the blog to educate the customer on current technologies and other updates to your lumber collection.

2. Help your customers build better relationships.

As a lumber merchant, you probably come into contact with multiple lumber wholesalers, distributors, builders, contractors and other players in the industry. Your customers are always looking for updates on the newest products and they may be looking to purchase a product you don’t have in stock. Where possible, you should take advantage of your network to help make connections. These types of connections will eventually help build and grow your business. Moreover, the customer most likely will become a loyal customer.

3. Provide good products and services

Offering better service to your lumber customers also entails employing skilled employees. Your employees come into direct contact with your customers, making them the face of your organization. Hence, it is imperative that your employees give your customers the best experience. On the issue of products, Quality lumber products from merchants like Sherwood Lumber offer customers the best home experience with long-lasting products. Experts in your organization can be used to share their knowledge and experience. Offering to share expert advice to customers helps advance customer-supplier relationships to greater levels.

4. Share Industry Information

Lumber merchants have access to a wide database of knowledge. This is because of the specialization you have that your customers do not.  With better insight into the industry, you could offer market forecasts and insights as they happen. For example sharing supply and demand information, new products and services, industry trends, etc.

5. Offer Customers Specialized Service

Each customer is different from the other. Offering standardized products and services to customers makes them feel standard. However, listening to your customers and offering them custom made lumber is one of the major tips for offering better service to your lumber customers. Sherwood Lumber offers a pet saw where you can get custom trims for your lumber.

However, these are not the only tips you should use to satisfy your customers. Take your time and understand what your market wants.