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Construction trends to expect in 2020

Construction trends to expect in 2020

The construction industry is perhaps the second or third largest worldwide. For such a big industry, the changing and rapidly evolving trends are barely noticeable, and people hardly ever notice the changes. However, this does not mean there are no changes. On the contrary, year in year out, the industry gets new trends and innovations. This year is of no exception and it will definitely come with its own new things. So, on the still dwelling on the same subject, let’s explore some of the construction trends we should expect in 2020.

1. Green technology

This is a topic that has always been there since time immemorial. According to statistics, the construction industry has a major hand in climate change. To counter this, environmentalists, construction industry experts, as well as international organizations have been continuously working on encouraging green technology.

We should expect more of this. As a matter of fact, users have also taken to green technology, and this puts brands like KWP Eco-Side, TIVA-Dek among others, that are big on green technology and preservation of the environment, on the list of brands most likely to succeed. Construction material retailers offering such materials are also prone to gain more customers.

2. Construction project management software

Besides green technology,  project management software is another issue that has been gradually and continuously a topic of discussion. Since 2017, the number of companies creating their own project management modules has been increasing steadily. This is a significant improvement against the years before. This trend is not going to stop in 2020. If any, it is going to hike up and more construction companies are prone to take on it.

3. Robotics and machines

As has been evident in the previous years, technology never stops evolving and 2020 is going to be a step higher than the previous years, as far as technology is concerned. However, it is important to note that, machines and robotics are not going to replace humans; at least not yet. But they are going to supplement or you can call it to help humans in increasing effectiveness and efficiency by making work easier.

4. Increased focus on sustainability

Almost similar to green technology is sustainability. While green technology focuses majorly on encouraging the use of materials that promote carbon-neutral footprint, sustainability focuses mainly on preserving the environment, and this is a major concern in 2020. To promote sustainability, the building companies and other experts are going to be focusing more on saving energy and reuse of resources such as water, wood among others.

5. Increased off-site work

While we do not have solid certainties, off-site work is going to shoot up by a larger percentage in 2020 than in the previous years. This is majorly as a result of advanced technology as expressed in point 3 above. Contractors are going to be able to work remotely in both designing of plans and in management of the implementation process of these plans.

Though these are the major construction trends to expect in 2020, there are many others like artificial intelligence/Augmented reality. Others also include modular construction, data analytics, and increased safety equipment. On the negative side are increased costs, and labor changes.