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Are Pests A Threat To Your Engineered Wood Siding?

Are Pests A Threat To Your Engineered Wood Siding?

It is the duty of every homeowner to ensure his or her building is in good condition. Whenever there is need for repairs or replacements, you should take responsibility as soon as possible before the situation worsens. There are several threats to your building that you should be aware of with the most common one being pests. Many people have been asking themselves the question ‘are pests a threat to your engineered wood siding‘. If you have been yourself the same then it is about time you be in the know.

Engineered wood is among the best siding materials that you can ever choose for your building. There are many reasons behind this and one of them is the protection it offers against pests. Regardless of the time of pests in question, engineered wood will always stand out as the strongest material. Below are some of the destructive pests that should not worry you so long as you have engineered wood as your siding material.


The first pest to come to your mind when asking yourself the question ‘are pests a threat to your engineered wood siding‘ is a termite. Subterranean termites always live underground where they feed on wood buried below.  In case they find a way to your building and spot your appealing siding material, they will prey on it within not time. Termites create hollow channels ‘feeder tubes’ in the siding material and this destroys its the structural stability. The worst of all is that you cannot easily spot these damages because they are hidden beneath the surface. The only possible way to find out about the infestation is by tapping your siding using a screwdriver or any other metal. A hollow sound will indicate to you that your siding is a victim of infestation. However, with engineered wood siding, you need not to worry about termites. Unlike natural wood, KWP engineered wood is improvised into a much stronger material that is impervious to termite-damage.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants always prefer moist and rotting wood and so with engineered wood siding you are safe. These ants find their way into buildings from the outside of the siding as they expand their colony. In case you come across signs such as piles of wood then you should be aware of an infestation. Using insecticides could be a good way of eliminating them but the best way would be to seek the attention of a professional. Professionals are able to find the root cause of the problem and fix it, ensuring that the problem is not expansive.


For the woodpeckers, it would be very easy for you to notice their presence because of the tapping sound. Eliminating them is also very easy unlike the case of termites and ants. You can attach electronic deterrents or shiny materials to your siding to give the siding a less appealing appearance. Alternatively and preferably, engineered wood siding would be a perfect option. KWP engineered wood siding is less appealing to all types of pests and this makes it the safest material to use. Get Sherwood’s KWP engineered wood siding today and you won’t have to ask yourself questions like ‘are pests a threat to your engineered wood siding‘.