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Top Dock Decking Options

By May 30, 2021News

Top Dock Decking Options

When it comes to dock decking, choosing the right material always turn out to be a great challenge for the contractors. The main challenge in this case is the exposure of the decking material to very harsh weather conditions. First of all, the material will be in total contact with water throughout. Another problem is the total exposure to hot sun during the summers and heavy rains and snow during the winter. Therefore, before decking, you have to first of all know the top dock decking options. The most appropriate materials in this case must possess the following characteristics:

  • Heat resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Durability
  • Less Splintering
  • Beauty

Heat Resistance

There are other docks which are located in areas that experience constant hot temperatures. For such docks to last long, there should be a heat-resistant decking material to protect it from the harsh elements. In this case, professionals would prefer a decking material like composite which does not absorb heat. As a result, the material is able to maintain its shape throughout its working period.

Moisture Resistance

In the recent years, most dock constructions involved the use of wood. This is because of the cost and abundance of wood. However, professionals have adopted the use of composite decking since wood does not last long and is also susceptible to damage. The composite material possesses moisture-resistant properties which contribute to it’s stiffness and strength. The plastic protects the  composite decking from damage by moisture.


A perfect dock decking material must also be durable for quality and long lasting performance. Most dock builders will choose to go for a durable decking material in order to save on any unnecessary expenses along the way. Composite decking is one of the most durable decking materials. It has a lifespan of over 30 years and the MoistureShield products guarantee you added durability.

Less Splintering

When exposed to excess moisture and sun, dock decking materials tend to splinter. This is very common especially with wood which is the most susceptible to moisture and heat damage. However, the availability of top dock decking options such as composite deck has helped to reduce the chances of splintering. With this material on your dock, you will not have to worry about the stability of your dock.


At one point, the beauty of your dock will also matter and that calls for consideration of texture, design and color of your dock decking. The beauty of your dock acts as an attraction to customers and therefore a perfect dock needs to look appealing in the eyes. There are different decking materials each with different design and color options. Although, composite decking still remains undisputed due to its unlimited color and design options. That is why you will find many docks featuring composite decking.

In general, the top dock decking options must be strong enough to withstand the above mentioned elements. Otherwise, your dock may end up collapsing and causing a lot of inconveniences.