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Top Composite Decking Brands

Since there has been a dwindle in the supply of natural lumber, composite decking has taken over and is now commonly used in many applications. As a result, the list of manufacturers, as well as top composite decking brands has grown bigger.

Here are the three main forms of composite decking:

  • Solid PVC plastic
  • Solid composites made of recycled plastics
  • Products made from a blend of plastics and bamboo fibres or natural wood.

During the manufacture of composite decking, there are two processes, that is, compression molding for creating solid planks and extrusion processes for forming planks through the pressing of the raw materials through the shaping molds.

1. MoistureShield

top composite decking brands

Among the top decking brands, this is the only composite decking having a solid core and can therefore be installed either in the ground, on the ground or under water. The decking material guarantees a very strong structural field and can therefore last for over 30 years without showing any signs of failure. Moreover, these decking boards do not require a lot of maintenance and is therefore the best in the market. The prices are also relatively cheap as compared to  brands like Timbertech and others. The many designs make them suitable for any environment and any style whatsoever.

2. Trex

For Trex decking, the commonly used raw materials are the reclaimed wood materials and plastic. These raw materials majorly come from plastic films, waste wood fiber and recovered plastic bags. These planks have got trim boards or end caps at their ends but there are times when you will find the Trex decking having extruded outer shell. The product lines can either be nailed to the top face or attached using hidden fasteners to the structural frame.

3. Timbertech

top composite decking brands

These products have got the PVC compound which is responsible for their high resistance to scratches, splits, mold, mildew a d stains. Despite having the PVC product, this decking still has a very realistic wood appearance. Timbertech brand is of very high quality and is backed with a 50-year warranty but is far much expensive as compared to the other  top composite decking brands. These decking boards also have cap coating on their end surfaces and the decking can be in many different textures and colors.

4. Fiberon

top composite decking brands

Fiberon products mostly feature solid PVC outer shell that is attached to the inner composite core. The product lines offer shades of gray decking planks and wood tones. The wood grain textures have the tendency of resisting fading and are also very realistic. In the case of Fiberon products, the ends of the decking planks have fiscia boards. The product lines also have around 5 different textures or colours and every product line features scalloped bottoms.

5. Dekorators

This brand has products with unique finishes giving your house a very nice appearance. The products also feature the patented Eovations™ technology that make them lighter than the traditional brands. They are however expensive to acquire than the other brands.

After looking at the top composite decking brands, you will realize each of them has its own unique features. Sherwood’s MoistureShield has however been for years the best choice for decking. This is because the products are durable and is adapted to any environment.