Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About Sherwood Lumber

By September 26, 2020News
  1. We operate reloads in 5 different regions across the US
  2. We have reman capabilities, including trimming, re-sawing, grooving.
  3. We sell more than 40,000 sku’s.
  4. We special order panels in odd sizes and thickness.
  5. We serve more than 1500 customers in North America With over 5,000 Ship To Destinations
  6. We offer same-day delivery.
  7. We are a family owned company, now employing the 3rd generation.
  8. We have customer relationships that date back to 1950s.
  9. We maintain sales offices in Long Island, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Tampa, and Portland.
  10. We deliver timbers to your doorstep – as little as one or as large as 10,000. No order is too small.