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SPF Hi-Line (Grade Lumber)
SPF (Spruce Pine Fir) is a composition of three species of softwoods. It consists of white spruce, pine, and alpine fir that gives it its characteristics.
The lumber has a bright color, smooth texture, clean appearance, small knots, and fine grain. SPF (Grade Lumber) is common in many buildings as a structural framing material. It is useful in both agricultural, industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.
There are also many structural components where the lumber is applicable including the prefabricated residential houses and also trusses.  The high quality, stability, and durability of SPF Grade lumber make it useful in many applications.

Characteristics of SPF

SPF is lightweight, strong, stable, attractive, and straight. It is white in appearance thus making structures more attractive. The lumber is easy to handle and can hold nails effectively. If you want to paint it, the paint and the glue will hold well onto the lumber. You can either get it in heat-treated or kiln-dried form.
Moreover, it meets international standards and the requirements of SPF importers. It can also be rough or surfaced and one or all sides may be smooth. Moreover, this lumber can be pressure-treated for use outdoors. This enhances the beauty of structural components.

SPF (Grade lumber) products

There are many SPF lumber products. These include trusses, railway ties, furniture, structural lumber, and prefabricated houses. The lumber has unique characteristics that attract SPF importers worldwide. Its prices are reasonable and affordable in comparison with other similar products.
There is machine stress-rated lumber whose manufacture is according to various grades. This lumber is useful in many applications where a defined strength is necessary. It can be useful in products such as laminating stock, wood truss rafters, web joists, and I-beams. The uses are in-fact endless.
Many countries worldwide prefer SPF lumbers due to their diverse applications. Producing finger-jointed lumber can also involve bonding the small pieces of lumber into a required length. The resultant product may be perfect for use by engineers in their wood products such as I-joists and moldings. These lumbers can be useful in many structures in many companies and many industries are seeking after their properties. This makes it a product of choice to SPF importers.
To find great SPF, you would consider going to best sawmills. Here, they manufacture the products according to grades. There are standards that all the lumbers must meet. The popular dimensions of SPF are as follows: SPF S4S 2X8 10’, SPF  2X8 12’, SPF 2X8 14’.