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PVC trim vs wood trim

There are several reasons why people choose PVC trims over wood trims or vise versa. This may be due to the differences in prices, durability, eco-friendliness, and the rest. When comparing PVC trim vs wood trim, you will realize the many differences between the two. Such differences include:

1. Cost

Despite wood being cheap, you will come to realize that the maintenance and replacements are quite often, most especially when it is exposed to moisture. That way, you rather have a PVC trim that lasts for years than have a wood trim that needs regular replacement.

2. Susceptibility to water damage

As compared to the wood trim which has the tendency of absorbing air moisture, the PVC trim does not decay or rot due to exposure to moisture. For the wood trim, moisture will simply result in curving and warping of wood, which will pull it loose from the connectors. This is the reason why some wood windows and doors do not shut properly.

3. Finishing

For the PVC trim, no painting is necessary because it already has a crisp white color. When using wood trim, you will have to ensure that the color of the trim is compatible with the style of the house.

4. Resistance to insect invasion

Wood is a source of food for the ants, termites, and other insects. Insects can therefore easily damage the trim and call for immediate attention and replacement. It’s porous surface also makes it easy for insects to get through into your house. PVC trim on the other hand does not have any suitable conditions for insect survival.

5. Wastage during installation

During the construction of a PVC trim, there are no waste materials left behind. This is because they are designed in many shapes and sizes to fit well on your window or any other intended purpose. For the wood trim, you’ll always find pieces of materials cut and left behind after construction.

6. Flexibility in size and shape

The trims can therefore be easily molded into different sizes and shapes, speaking of which we have the window trimming and sill nosing. For the wood trim, molding is not possible considering the structure of the material.

7. Environmental friendliness

PVC trims are environment friendly and do not encourage deforestation. After use, you can recycle the PVC material and use it for other purposes. This helps in reducing pollution. To manufacture wood trims, you must cut down trees in the process, therefore, promoting environmental degradation.

8. Resistance to fire

At no time will your house catch fire originating from the PVC trim. This is because the material does not support combustion. The case of wood is definitely obvious and can eventually result into a huge fire outbreak.

Basically, you have to ensure that your house has the best trim that matches the style as well as your desires. PVC trim would be the best option in this case looking at it’s many alluring qualities. Sherwood lumber has the best brand of PVC trim which is the Ex-Cel PVC. Visiting  Sherwood lumber’s website will help you understand the benefits of PVC trim vs wood trim and make you realize how best PVC trims are.