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PVC Flooring vs Wooden Flooring

PVC Flooring vs Wooden Flooring

If you’re in the market to replace your home’s flooring, you may be considering PVC or wooden flooring. Both materials are popular choices, and there are benefits to both. Below is a comparison of PVC flooring vs wooden flooring.


When it comes to upkeep, PVC is easier to take care of than wood. Deep cleaning with a sponge and mild detergent is usually sufficient to keep the floor looking its best. However, wooden floors take much more upkeep when it comes to dents, scratches, and dings. And while the surface may be relatively scratch-proof, wood responds poorly to moisture and is susceptible to mold growth. You will have to frequently wax the wood to protect the wood from moisture and thus keep the floor in excellent condition. You should expect to do this cleaning at least once a year.


Both types of flooring can be slippery when wet or oily/dusty, but if you compare slip resistance on PVC flooring vs wooden flooring, you’ll notice that PVC is much more slip-resistant. This is because vinyl is more elastic than hardwood. If the ground is slippery, your footing won’t be compromised as much if you use PVC flooring.

Environmental Impact

Reclaimed wood is often preferred over brand-new wood because it can be sourced locally (if your region is experiencing a shortage) and because it has been resting for years and therefore doesn’t require as much energy to produce as fresh wood. However, the best way to reduce the impact of your carbon footprint is to use PVC porch flooring instead. You won’t have to worry about draining any trees during installation, and you’ll have a durable and long-lasting product.


The last thing you’d want is to replace your flooring from time to time. Wood floors are susceptible to warping, denting, and scratching. Even though the dents will eventually disappear with time, the floor will have lost its original beauty, and you’ll have to replace it before it’s even had a chance to get worn-in. On the other hand, PVC flooring is generally durable unless you live in a particularly humid environment. It resists natural wear-and-tear and is resistant to chemicals and moisture.


PVC and wooden floors are both affordable options. A similar amount of square footage will cost you about the same amount, regardless of which type of flooring you choose. The difference in the cost of PVC flooring vs wooden flooring comes in when you consider maintenance and susceptibility to damage. Wood is more expensive to maintain regularly and more susceptible to damage, therefore, PVC may be of better value.

When picking a flooring option, both wood and PVC offer their fair share of pros and cons. The difference is that you may have to put more effort into maintaining a wooden floor than you would need for a PVC one. The decision is ultimately up to you, but if you choose PVC because it requires less maintenance, you’re probably making the right choice. Go for high quality Aeratis PVC flooring as the best flooring option