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PVC Ceiling Winter Maintenance Tips

By January 11, 2023News
PVC Ceiling Winter Maintenance Tips

If you have a home with a PVC ceiling, then you’re probably interested in the best ways to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. Let’s look at some PVC ceiling winter maintenance tips to help your ceiling stay in pristine condition.

Vacuum your floor

As autumn rolls around, it’s best to begin vacuuming your floor more frequently to prevent debris and leaves from accumulating on the surface and getting into the top of your PVC ceiling. Be sure to get any excess dirt or other materials off of the floor before it has a chance to settle into your ceiling.

Clean the fan blades

After the leaves have been cleared off the floor and the ceiling is relatively dust-free, it’s time to focus on your ceiling fans. This is a crucial step for those who live in areas prone to rapid wind, like in the foothills of the Sierras or around Santa Fe. If you have a fan with rotating blades, you should clean them out often, as this will prevent debris from getting caught on the fan and blowing into your exterior ceiling.

Clear out the gutters

If you have gutters in your home, it’s essential to keep them clear throughout the winter so that water isn’t pooling around your foundation and possibly causing damage to the top of your ceiling. Frequently having leaves and other debris collecting in the gutters will make it difficult for rainwater to drain correctly, eventually leading to breakage inside your PVC ceiling.

Prevent snow from accumulating on your ceiling

In areas that receive a lot of snow, clear it from around your house as much as possible during winter to prevent damage. The best approach to this is to become familiar with how your snow plows work.

Inspect your ceiling regularly

Be sure to note any dents, scratches, or chips in your PVC ceiling while they are still small. If you catch them while they are still small, you can get them repaired on time. By waiting to repair a large scratch or dent until it becomes very noticeable, you will have more difficulty getting it fixed. It might even require the entire replacement of the section of your damaged PVC ceiling to restore its original appearance.

Apply caulk

If you have a PVC ceiling with gaps in the joints, you should pay special attention to them and apply caulk around them regularly. This can help ensure that moisture doesn’t get inside your ceiling and is a good way of keeping your ceilings looking fresh throughout the winter months.

By dealing with issues like this before they become problems, you will have a sturdy and long-lasting PVC ceiling. If you take good care of your PVC ceilings throughout the winter months, it should last you as long as 20 years without needing any major repairs to keep it in tip-top shape. These PVC ceiling winter maintenance tips will get your started with your maintenance routine. Choose Aeratis PVC ceiling for outstanding performance.