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Protect Your PVC Trim From The Hurricane

Protect Your PVC Trim From The Hurricane

If you have PVC trim on your home, it’s essential to take proper precautions for storms. Today, we will have a look at how to protect your PVC trim from the hurricane to ensure safety. Before a storm strikes, there are some measures to take to ensure that your home is safe and stays undamaged.

Power-wash your PVC trim

Power washing your PVC trim can help remove the grime and dirt and keep it from coming loose during a storm. Use a power washer with the largest nozzle possible (similar to hand washers for cars), and make sure you use a “cold water” power wash.

Secure any loose trim

Do you know if the trim on your home is loose? If the answer is yes, it may need to be repaired or re-secured. During storms, wind can cause PVC trim to sway and move very quickly; which can loosen or blow it off entirely. Make sure that any loose trim is fixed before the storm hits to avoid damage and injury during a storm.

Use wind straps to secure your trim

Another way to protect your PVC trim from the hurricane is to use wind straps. Wind straps are sturdy pieces of plastic that you can use around the bottom of the trimming to keep it from moving around during a storm. Use enough straps on each piece of trim, depending on how strong the PVC is. Ensure that the wind strap is completely secured before securing your PVC. Otherwise, it can be useless.

Use a tarp or gutter guard to protect your PVC trim

This can be a helpful tool that you can use to prevent damage to your home. PVC gutter guards are made of durable plastic and are often found at hardware stores. If you have none, you can create one using old tarps or a tarp that may be lying around. Place the guard down over the trim, or use multiple pieces to cover as much of the PVC trim as possible. Secure it in place with some rope or wrapping to make sure that it does not move around.

Seal your trim so that water cannot get in

Sealing the inside and outside of the trim will prevent water from getting in and weakening the PVC itself. Doing this ensures that your PVC trimming is holding up as best as possible during a storm. When dealing with PVC, it is essential to avoid over-tightening anything, as this can cause damage to the plastic and weaken it. Sealing your trim will provide a strong barrier between the outside elements and your home so that water cannot work its way inside the protection of your walls and home.

Keep your windows and doors shut

This should go without saying, but you need to keep all of your doors and windows shut during the storm. This will prevent the PVC trimming from being hit by flying objects being blown around.

These tips will help protect your PVC trim from the hurricane and keep your home safe. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your home is ready for any storms that come your way this season. Get yourself high-quality EX-Cel PVC trim and relieve yourself the stress of repairing damages encountered during the hurricane period.