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Protect Your Aluminum Railing From The Hurricane

By November 3, 2022News

Protect Your Aluminum Railing From The Hurricane

Hurricane season is here, and even though hurricanes are nature’s way of replenishing the Earth, it’s always scary to think about a storm going to town. A hurricane can easily tear up pieces of your railing, leaving you with a major clean-up job. However, there are some tips to protect your aluminum railing from the hurricane.

Inspect your railing

Before the hurricane hits, inspect your railing and ensure it’s free of anything that can be damaged by a hurricane. This includes loose pegs, screws, metal tools, and other people’s hands. Remove any metal objects that could get stuck in the rails, such as beverage cans, coat hangers, and metal utensils. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, consider protecting your railing with heavy-duty clips or wire netting if it doesn’t look like the weather will be bad for long.

Prepare for a power outage

In case of a power outage during a hurricane, the metal rails can get rusted or corroded. To prevent this, prepare for a power failure by filling the openings of your railings with caulk. The caulk will keep water out of your railings and prevent rust from forming on the metallic parts of your railing.

Use weather-stripping

If you don’t like using plastic to protect your aluminum railing from the hurricane, you can use weather-stripping. Use a piece of rubber weather-stripping or waterproofing around your metal railings to prevent collapse.

Protect your railing with tarps

In case of inclement weather, make sure you have tarps to protect your railing. You should always take the necessary precautions, especially during hurricane season. Also, get a generator to protect your home appliances and other amenities in case your electric power is disconnected by the hurricane.

Put plywood or cement board on the bottom of your railings

Have you ever replaced the bottom of your concrete fence only to find that its weight caused it to expand? It always happens with concrete fences, but if you have an aluminum railing on top of concrete, it can expand and cause damage. When it expands, it will crack the top surface of the railings, which will result in a lot of structural damage and possible collapse.

Clean up after the storm

After the storm has passed, check on your railings first thing in the morning to see if they are in good shape. If you find any parts of your rails that need repair, start making the necessary repairs as soon as possible. Remember to file insurance claims to help pay for the repair of your railing.

Hurricanes can cause damage to your aluminum railings, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. Follow these tips to protect your aluminum railing from the hurricane. Moreover, if you want the best performance from your railing then you should choose Westbury aluminum railing. Our railing products have all it takes to get you through a stress-free hurricane season.